Shop for Tweens Opening in Montecito’s Upper Village

••• Lemon Drop (or maybe Lemondrop), offering “clothing/shoes/gifts for the beautiful ‘tween years,” is opening in the former Village Frame & Gallery space in Montecito’s Upper Village.

••• California is once again allowing open houses, with limited occupancy, proper distancing, masks, and other precautions.

••• East Camino Cielo has reopened, reports the Los Padres Forest Association. (Photo courtesy LPFA.)

••• Phish plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on October 26.

••• A couple of interesting Los Alamos items on last Friday’s Central Board of Architectural Review agenda. First, this:

Request of Grace Ave., LLC for Conceptual Review of a three-unit motel consisting of three historic structures which will be relocated onto the subject property. The structures include: 1) one 393-square-foot unit; 2) one 450-square-foot unit; and 3) one 1,352-square-foot unit. The project will also include the construction of one 200-square-foot pool and the installation of one 70-square-foot windmill and one 250-square-foot greenhouse. The property is a 0.22-acre parcel […] located at 245 Leslie St.

And this:

Request of Greg Ravatt, architect, […] for Conceptual Review of a new 13,198-square-foot mixed-use commercial building and two cottages. The parcel is currently vacant. The property is a 19,648-square-foot parcel […] at the corner of Bell Street and Agusta Street

••• Congratulations to Bill Tomicki for correctly identifying the recent Where in Santa Barbara…?


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One Comment

Bruce Savin

Joyce’s brilliant talent, her care and preservation of artwork is inspiring. Village Frame and Gallery was a rare jewel in Montecito’s crown. All the best to Joyce.