Santa Barbara County Says Everyone Should Wear a Mask Indoors

The headline says everything you need to know, but here’s a bit extra from the Public Health Department’s press release:

As of July 16, Santa Barbara’s reported daily case rate is now 3.6 per 100,000 and rising. With cases of Covid-19 rising locally and increased circulation of the highly transmissible Delta variant, the County of Santa Barbara recommends that everyone, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks indoors in public places as an extra precautionary measure for those who are fully vaccinated, and to ensure easy verification that all unvaccinated people are masked in those settings. […]

Out of an abundance of caution, people are recommended to wear masks indoors in settings like grocery or retail stores, theaters, and family entertainment centers, even if they are fully vaccinated as an added layer of protection for unvaccinated residents. Businesses are urged to adopt universal masking requirements for customers entering indoor areas of their businesses to provide better protection to their employees and customers. Workplaces must comply with Cal/OSHA requirements and fully vaccinated employees are encouraged to wear masks indoors if their employer has not confirmed the vaccination status of those around them. […]

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department will revisit this recommendation in the coming weeks as they continue to monitor transmission rates, hospitalizations, deaths, and increasing vaccination rates throughout the region. Santa Barbara data can be monitored here.

Ventura County issued similar advice earlier in the day.

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Dan O. Seibert

No, no way. There’s only one business owner in SB that wants me to put on a mask, and I respect him. But seriously, it’s all Malarky. Get the shot or take your chances, no mask for me.


I can’t believe people are so frightened of a little piece of fabric. Our country is showing itself to be proud of its ignorance and selfishness. I seriously doubt we will ever truly get out of this mess due to those who willingly show how proud they are of being such a**holes.

It’s a freaking piece of fabric. 6 feet apart isn’t so bad.


No get the vaccine or move aside and deal with the consequences. It’s pretty simple.

Jasen Edwards

It’s time for the government to back off. We were sold on vaccines by the idea we would “return to normal life”. Now that everyone can get the vaccine for free, the story changes to fit a new narrative, so that officials can maintain control and power. We must push back. Cases will go up. We were to expect that. We were also to expect that vaccines would prevent serious illness and death. If you believe that, then hanging on to masks is both hypocritical and fear-based. Don’t let anyone shame you for your personal health choices.