Santa Barbara County Now Has 24 Confirmed Cases of Covid-19

••• “There are now 24 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Santa Barbara County. Nineteen of the confirmed cases are currently in quarantine at home and one person is in the hospital. Four people are considered full recovered.” —KEYT

••• “Santa Barbara County Hospitals Develop Surge Plans to Handle Coronavirus Patients [….] Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital has 45 beds between two units dedicated to patients with suspected Covid-19. […] There has been an average of 30 patients in those units over the past several days, compared to 10 a day last week.” —Noozhawk

••• “Data compiled and crunched by the Economic Policy Institute , a liberal Washington-based think tank, which forecasts state-by-state, COVID-19-related unemployment increases for the first half of the year, projects more than 600,000 jobs will be lost in California; the Sacramento Bee takes it a step further, breaking the estimate down for each of the state’s 58 counties, calculating that 6,870 jobs will be lost in Santa Barbara County.” —Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts

••• “To better investigate cannabis businesses that are not paying their required taxes, Santa Barbara County plans to enter a pilot program that provides access to the state’s Track-and-Trace database. The database was designed to track cannabis products through the supply chain, from cultivation to processing to distribution to sale.” —Noozhawk

••• “Oprah Winfrey is social distancing [in Montecito]—and that includes staying six feet away from her long-term partner Stedman Graham. […] Winfrey said she’s perfectly content in her own company. ‘I’m never bored, because I always have myself,’ she said. ‘I never feel alone, have never felt alone, because I just love being with myself.'” —KEYT

••• “The Santa Barbara Zoo was closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean all the exhibits were closed. Some Zoo animals were able to walk around some of the exhibits and meet the other animals. Like Monty the 5-year-old Humboldt Penguin and his handler Ellie. […] Bam Bam the porcupine also joined in on the fun.” —KEYT


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