Ripe for Reinvention on the Riviera

Noteworthy new listings….

Saying the 1952 ranch house at 1509 Dover Road ($2.9 million) has been nicely maintained over the years is like saying Cinderella had good bone structure—bring on the fairy godmother already! None of the three bedrooms have an en-suite bath, and the kitchen and baths need attention. Still, the Riviera views are terrific, with no power lines to get in the way, and the lot continues down past the glamorous pool. There’s magic to be made….


Much fun has clearly been had at 715 Oak Grove Drive ($4.829 million) in Montecito, where the listing agent aptly described the backyard as akin to Tom Sawyer Island. Besides the pool with stepping stones and slide, there’s a zipline, a treehouse (with wooden slide), a couple of little bridges, two outdoor showers, a sauna, and more. The 1960 house, however, is currently being offered as a vacation rental and may or may not be worth salvaging.


231-229 E Mountain Drive ($4.895 million) is an exception to the rule that Santa Barbara houses usually look better outside than in. The 1967 adobe makes a blah first impression, but inside has style and character. The listing explains the dual address: “231 E Mountain (2.03 acres) hosts the Adobe Hacienda, and 229 E Mountain (1.52 acres) is the adjacent vacant lot, being offered together to total 3.55 acres.”


Frippery abounds inside 4600 Camino Del Mirasol ($3.5 million), on the east side of San Antonio Canyon Park—somebody must’ve skipped the “less is more” lecture at architecture school. On the other hand, kudos to whoever insisted on a hidden cupboard to stash the booze.


The wooden porch at 2680 Puesta Del Sol ($2.175 million), a San Roque cutie built in 1890, is pure charm; the rest of the house is an 1,818-square-foot to-do list. (1. Buy Febreze.) I’d love to know why the backyard was landscaped as if to minimize use.


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 81 Depot Road ($3.195 million): Three-bedroom condo nicely redone but wedged between the freeway and the train tracks (below).
••• 3007 Serena Road ($2.797 million): Appealing four-bedroom (but only two-bath) house in Samarkand.
••• 3710 Torino Drive ($2 million): Livable three-bedroom in Hidden Valley.
••• 223 La Vista Grande ($3.195 million): Great views but it needs a fair amount of work.


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The comments regarding Puesta Del Sol are really disrespectful to the home, home owner, and the hard working agents that are bringing this home to market. Since almost your entire site seems to be real estate ads, I would really consider a more respectful tone. There are many an older home here in SB, as you well know, many that come with areas that need attention. Please consider the human beings and their hard work when making comments such as “buy frabreeze”.


His hilarious honesty is exactly why I read him! You should see what he said about my house (I cringe/I laugh/I cringe/I laugh).