Has anyone thought to make it into a park like setting? People could have a place to eat and rest. You really can’t get all that much parking there to make a difference. In the upper village, Pierre La Fond has a great area for resting. The trees are so nice to sit under and have your lunch and then to continue to shop across the street. The space helps with the Coronavirus issue as you can socially distance while taking a break. It is so comforting. The street is right there (East Valley Road) yet you really don’t notice all that much as the grass and trees seem to buffer that corner.
Re Sycamore Canyon: There are really nice pictures in MLS from when it was a rental. not one has a fishbowl wide angle too.
I respect your decision not to be the first to publish the owner of a particular home until it becomes public knowledge. You'll maintain your credibility that way. Good decision!
The NP building could make some great loft apartments. And its parking lot? A great park. Just sayin'.
Whatever happens with Paradise, let's hope it keeps its old school charm, the fantastic mural, and that gorgeous neon sign. Paradise is iconic in SB!
A communal cow sounds dreamy! So cute. I love that area and the Rancho Asoleado stables + the Hope House. I hope those two places never change. You are right there is a lot of history in the area. I also find the Carriage Hill development fascinating. Some great views of the mountains, too.
You're right — I think the comparison of Sprouts between Lazy Acres and Trader Joe's is a good one. Sprouts still retains its 'health food store' vibe — but isn't. But honestly, the difference is I find Sprouts to be cheaper and sometimes better quality with produce. The fact that its so close to TJ's isn't a mistake (its this way in Goleta, and it was that way in Colorado when I lived there!). Fact is, there are some things that Trader Joe's just doesn't have, so I guess the thinking is that its easy to pop over to Sprouts and get the rest. Anyway, happy to see it open in this location!
Re: Arboleda- This turn key Craftsman is in an area called “Arboleda Acres” that has quite a history with a charming communal cow most notable. Zoned for horses, walking distance to CA Distinguished Hope School District, a stones throw from the Obern Bike Trail. This designer home backs up to a seasonal creek and is on a cul-de-sac, no traffic. If this home were plopped in Hedgerow or HR it would command a price of $5million + how many turn key homes are available with a pool? Supply/demand PS We moved here after the Mud Flow, how quickly this tragedy has been forgotten.
Re: Arboleda - the area is aspirationally called Hope Ranch Annex, or Noleta.
Thanks for catching that! (Blogger error.) Corrections are always welcome.
The first pic for Las Alturas is from a house that recently closed in far west Hope Ranch. I know this because I am crazy and spend way too much time looking at real estate and it’s all stored in my brain. Love the blog! Not trying to be pedantic! I’m just a tad maniacal. Siteline rocks and I’ve told all my friends about it. :)
Deerpath has photos if you check Redfin. The house is such an almost. There’s something unshakeably 60s about the front; almost traditional, but somehow not. The interior is a hodgepodge of finishes. There are about 25 different floorings (exterior, too) used throughout and the kitchen and bathrooms need renovations to pull them together. Very generous in size just needs a cohesive makeover.
The new Bristol Farms is beautiful and fortunate to have Denis Lacey as store director. Good luck Denis Jimmy
I really enjoy your website. Your writing is clever, witty and informative. I am a long time journalist so I tend to be a bit of a critic. I have nothing but good to say about sitelinesb.com
This is just the news source I’ve been looking for! Thank you! Keep it up. These are the things I care about.
Interesting, well written, very topical articles.
LA is moving in .....and taken over carp and SB. Dom’s seafood 2🌟out of 10 Miramar -more Birkin bags than face masks Buying up real estate ... what’s next!!!
Your Interesting Choices is a riot ! Happy Siteline has such personality ! Totally dig it !
UCLA Medical is coming to SB: https://www.uclahealth.org/coming-soon Montecito Primary & Specialty Care - Summer 2020 Santa Barbara Cancer Care - Fall 2020
When will the brick and mortar store open to the public?
I’m sorry to see yet another business close. I have long thought 1309 State would make a killer apartment, though.
A commenter on EdHat says they know the Karen and she’s actually mentally ill. I’m inclined to believe that.
Was this comment really necessary?
You're better off trying to email the store directly at [email protected] (although they never responded to me, so don't hold your breath).