Proposed State Legislation Could Dramatically Increase Housing Density

••• The Montecito Association’s Sharon Byrne lays out the many problems of proposed state legislation that could let property owners build with even more abandon than the ADU law currently allows. —Montecito Journal

••• “Santa Barbara’s transient occupancy tax [i.e., from hotels] revenues are projected to cap the fiscal year at $14.5 million, falling 16 percent below the city’s adopted budget of $17.2 million. ‘There is no other time the city budget has faced this big of a financial impact,’ said Jennifer Tomaszewski, the Finance and Treasury Manager for the City of Santa Barbara.” —Independent

••• Noozhawk found out what’s up with the former Enterprise Fish Co. building: “Santa Barbara company Silver Air plans to adaptively reuse the building at 225 State St. and transform it into a place where people can charter yachts, helicopters and airplanes.”

••• “In a striking display of going in opposite directions at the same time, the Santa Barbara City Council is being asked [by the Parks & Recreation Department] to crack down on homeless people living in their vans while authorizing the expenditure of nearly half-a-million dollars to provide motel rooms for up to six months for up to 25 homeless people now living on the streets. Both these items […] have been placed on the ‘consent agenda,’ meaning no discussion or deliberation is expected unless specifically requested by one or more councilmember.” —Independent

••• The Montecito Club reopened today with many new amenities, according to a breathless piece in the Montecito Journal. So much for liability concerns….


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