Photographer Gray Malin Is Working on a Channel Drive Vacation Rental

••• Opening March 1 at Sullivan Goss: a “second solo exhibition for Maria Rendón called Holy Water. The exhibition takes its name partly from a 1977 essay by Joan Didion and partly from her abiding interest in both the local landscape and the essential conditions of our existence.” Above: “Rotación” (detail).

••• The Marcus Roberts Trio plays the Lobero Theatre on May 16: “The trio’s program, Rhythm in Blue, pays homage to the 100th Anniversary of Gerswhin’s Rhapsody in Blue.”

••• Purported comedian Chelsea Handler plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on August 17.

••• Photographer Gray Malin is turning 940 Channel Drive into a vacation rental. He paid $5.25 million for it last September.

••• Santa Barbara County Parks held an official opening for “the highly anticipated Arroyo Quemado Trail at Baron Ranch, a scenic new addition to recreation on the Gaviota Coast.” The six-mile trail offers “stunning vistas, diverse ecosystems, and a chance to connect with Gaviota’s rich natural heritage.” The release doesn’t say exactly where it is, but KEYT had this: “The trailhead is just to the west of the Highway 101 exit in the area about two miles from Refugio Road and it is located at the Calle Real frontage road on the north side of Highway 101. The trail has a six-mile loop and connects to the West Camino Cielo Trail in the Los Padres National Forest.” Dogs are not allowed. P.S. John Palminteri says that Baron is pronounced bah-rone, with a long o.

••• From the city: “The City of Santa Barbara will hold two community outreach meetings regarding upcoming construction on the Milpas Street at U.S. Highway 101 Operational Improvements Project. The February 21 meeting will be held online using the Zoom platform and the February 28 meeting will be held in-person at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Barbara” from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The proposed improvements:

—Widening Milpas Street at the northeast corner of the Milpas and Hutash Streets intersection to provide space for a new dedicated southbound left-turn lane onto eastbound Hutash Street. This will allow U.S. Highway 101 on- and off-ramp traffic to move concurrently when no traffic is queued in the new left turn lane;

—Traffic signal modifications at the Milpas and Hutash Streets intersection to optimize signal phasing and reduce wait time at intersections;

—Extending the existing median south of the U.S. Highway 101 underpass to the intersection of Milpas and Cacique Streets to prohibit left turns from southbound Milpas Street onto eastbound Cacique Street. This will help prevent southbound off-ramp traffic from queueing onto southbound U.S. Highway 101. Eastbound Cacique Street will have access from northbound Milpas Street via the hook off-ramp; and

—Installation of a multiuse path along Milpas Street between Cacique and Hutash Streets. This facility was a community-requested safety need to separate cyclists from vehicles due to the high traffic volumes in this area.

••• It’s nice to have a Where in Santa Barbara…? stumper now and then. The most recent one was shot at the Presidio.


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We get our coffee at Handlebars and always sit across the street at the presidio. I missed that pic earlier in the week-know right where that is.

Grey Malin must be doing well. Also I assume it will be a vacation rental not year long rental for a family…

Pam Strobel

“Purportedly” is right. Saw her show in Chicago last May and we walked out


“Purported” Ha! That’s funnier than anything that’s come out of her mouth…….