Myriad Moments of Midcentury Style

Here are the week’s top price adjustments—although perhaps because of the hot market, sellers aren’t feeling much need to reduce….

When 696 Romero Canyon Road (↓$100K to $2.895M) came back on the market two weeks ago for $2.995 million, the price raised eyebrows—by which I mean mine—because six months previously, it was available for a million dollars less. Could a renovation have change that much? This price cut implies not.


Stylish midcentury moments can also be found at 205 Santa Cruz Boulevard (↓$75K to $1.425M) on the Mesa. That floor plan is rough, but Thousand Steps Beach is a only short walk away….


I love the old details of 1406 Alameda Padre Serra (↓$80K to $2.395M), most of all the kitchen with windows on three sides. The lot is .7 acre, and you could do something in the backyard space. The house has been on the market for 646 days now, and the word is that the seller is more open than ever.


The interior of 4162 Cresta Avenue (↓$146K to $2.349M) doesn’t live up to the California cottage exterior; the kitchen appears to be original to the 1964 house. Dreamy mountain views, though.


Way up the hill off N. San Marcos Road, 1478 Twinridge Road (↓$230K to $1.85M) also has amazing views. And when you get tired of that, you can always watch TV alfresco.


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