More on the Restaurant Opening in the Former Mollie’s Space

••• Elaine Anderson Morello of Olio e Limone and its siblings shared what we can expect from the restaurant opening in the former Mollie’s space at 1218 State Street (Victoria/Anapamu):

My husband and Olio business partner, Alberto Morello, and I have been hired by the owner[*] of the new restaurant going into the former Mollie’s space as employee operators. We still own and operate the Olio restaurants as usual, but do not own the new place. We will now be running the new restaurant at 1218 State St. in addition to owning and operating the Olios.

The new restaurant is called Bedda Mia. Although we’ve always had touches of Sicily throughout our menus and specials at the Olios, the cuisine at Bedda Mia is strictly Sicilian, with an emphasis on seafood and fresh produce-based dishes and Sicilian wines. Bedda Mia is Sicilian dialect for Bella Mia and is used by Sicilians as a term of endearment towards, say, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend.… but also in reference to Sicily itself. Bedda Mia the restaurant is an ode to our beloved Sicilia. Estimated opening: January 2022.

*The applicant on the liquor-license ownership change is Romolo De Paolis of Romolio olive oil, based in Paso Robles.

••• J.J.’s Diner at 413 State Street (Haley/Gutierrez) has closed. It opened in December 2020.

••• The Dutchess, the Ojai restaurant/bakery from the folks behind the terrific Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, opens January 6, with reservations available starting January 4. The bakery/café, with baked goods from Kate’s Bread, debuts January 19. I’m happy for Ojai, but I really wish this was opening here instead.

••• Padaro Beach Grill has reopened, albeit with a limited menu, after a fire a couple of weeks ago.

••• The outpost of Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant at 1230 State Street has closed, but the one on Upper State is still going strong.

••• Related: When word got out that Beans BBQ is opening at 1230 State Street (Victoria/Anapamu), the Restaurant Guy assumed it would be where the nail salon is, and not one of the building’s other two storefronts. But it’s actually going to be in the Saigon space.


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