Montecito Family Seeks Same for School-Eligible Rental

••• The former Big Yellow House in Summerland is no longer even a little bit yellow. I wondered if the white paint job meant it has a new tenant, but the listing is still online and the agents confirmed the space remains available

••• From Eye of the Day Garden Design Center in Carpinteria: “Eye of the Day’s 23rd ‘Getting Ready for Spring Sale’ begins on Monday, March 1, and runs to Wednesday, March 31, seven days a week. The sale will be held this year on our open-air Annex,” which means you don’t have to make an appointment (the way you do for the main store).

••• This Montecito house available for rent seems to be encouraging tenants to land a helicopter there, which I’m pretty sure won’t go over well with the area. No address is given, but it didn’t take much sleuthing to deduce that it’s at the end of Vista Linda Lane, off Toro Canyon Road.

••• In other rental news, J. sent over this Craigslist ad: “Are you family with a Pre-K to K6 student? Let’s rent a 7-8K house together in Montecito (3-4 bedroom, depending on space and layout). We can contribute up to 4K. We are a married couple with a 5-year old, aiming to rent a place in Montecito Union Elementary or Cold Spring Elementary district. Clean and organized, no pets (other than the said 5-year old), no smoking, no drugs, no domestic violence, no guns, no hoarding, no mess, no screaming (again, other than the 5-year old).”

••• Lotusland is reopening soon: “Advance reservations required—space is limited. In order to maintain social distancing, we are continuing with self-guided tours, timed tickets, staggered arrivals, limited visitor capacity, and strictly enforced mask policies. […] Lotusland Spring Visitation Days: March 3-April 29 Wednesdays through Saturdays, plus the 3rd Sunday of each month, March 21 & April 18.”

••• From the Santa Barbara Public Library:

On Friday, February 12 at 9:30 a.m., SBPL introduces TED & Joe in the Morning, a discussion group based loosely on TED Circles, but tailored for the greater Santa Barbara community by staff from all SBPL branches.

TED & Joe in the morning will offer learning and conversations on almost absolutely anything. […] Each session will be a different topic for which 2-4 TED Talks will be posted for participants to view beforehand. The group will then get together on the scheduled day to discuss and share with each other. Scheduled topics currently include What does home mean?, Sleep, Misfit Beauty, and Expanding Representation in Literature and Film—Benefits for Everyone.

SBPL hopes to bring individuals from different backgrounds together and particularly to interact with those who may find themselves more isolated in these current times. […] Registration is currently open for February through May and early registrants can receive a free SBPL mug (while supplies last).


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