Meghan Markle’s New Lifestyle Brand Is Called American Riviera Orchard

••• Local royal Meghan Markle announced a new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, the name of which ought to quell the perpetual chatter that she and her family are moving to L.A. According to Page Six, “an insider [said] that it will focus on home, garden, food and general lifestyle wares.” Also, the trademark application “reveals American Riviera Orchard will sell a wide range of home goods, including edible treats like jellies, jams and spreads and tableware staples such as cutlery, table linens and drinkware. Cookbooks are also covered in the filing.”

••• Women’s fashion line Aquarius Cocktail, upstairs at 1151 Coast Village Road, is having a sample sale on March 23 (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.). I have no idea whether the photo below is indicative of what you’ll find; I just liked it. UPDATE: Jeanne Ceramics is also participating.

••• GoodFellas Smoke & Vape is opening in the former Santa Barbara Hives store on upper State Street.

••• Three more Santa Barbara Bowl shows were announced: Queens of the Stone Age on May 24, a cappella group Pentatonix on June 6, and Wallows on September 9.

••• “Do you know why there’s a black hole in AT&T cell coverage around Milpas and the 101?” asks J. “Every time I drive south, my CarPlay cuts off completely. On the northbound side, it cuts out about half of the time.” J. drives an Audi, and I noticed the same phenomenon when I had an Audi loaner and used Bluetooth to connect my phone to the car. (And I have AT&T service, too.) Anyone have a theory about what’s going on? UPDATE: T. says that his 2019 Audi Q7 used to do the same thing, but now he has a Range Rover, and it cuts out near Hot Springs. And Michelle commented this: “I have an Audi, but Verizon service, the same thing has been happening to me. Milpas/101, particularly going North. My CarPlay disconnects every time, though I don’t necessarily drop the call.” Also, according to this Apple forum, a lot of people have similar problems at other locations.

••• I’ve always loved how the Carpinteria Valley Lumber hardware store is off the main drags in Carpinteria. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit, particularly on March 22, when it’s hosting a party (noon-6 p.m.) with live music (2-6 p.m.), complimentary beverages, raffle prizes, and 20 percent off everything in the garden center.

••• Also in Carp, the multi-tenant development at 700 Linden Avenue is still shooting to open this summer, and it now has a website with floor plans. Here’s more on the large yoga and Pilates studio: “Olada, an energetic yoga and pilates brand, is set to debut this summer in the heart of Carpinteria. As a locally owned and operated establishment, Olada extends a warm invitation to residents to join a community committed to cultivating joy, connection, and well-being. The studio will provide a variety of yoga and reformer pilates classes, along with a boutique shopping experience within an exquisitely curated environment.”


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American Riviera Orchard is a mouthful. Maybe The Riv works, but there’s also a magazine called that. Yeah sounds like they’re sticking around in SB. Always hearing stories that they’re moving but this branding makes it seem like they’re staying here.


The adult store below 154 is called “The Riv.” It would be funny if they both had the same name.


The name of Meghan’s brand is American Riviera Orchard Montecito. She should keep Montecito out it and stop with selling of our private little town.


I feel seen! I have an Audi, but Verizon service, the same thing has been happening to me. Milpas/101, particularly going North. My CarPlay disconnects every time, though I don’t necessarily drop the call. Now I wonder if this is an Audi issue…


This same thing happens to me! I have been so curious about this. It recently came up at a dinner and it happens to my friends as well. We all have different cars (BMW, Toyota, and Range Rover) and different cell carriers.


We have issues with CarPlay cutting out too (Verizon + both of our vehicles). It happens close to the train tracks/bird refuge and sometimes drops 2x when I head southbound right before the Hot Springs/Cabrillo exit. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones.

ES Corchero

Same thing happens in the Land Rover on Cliff Drive at Mesa Lane (right by the signal/school).


I also find it almost impossible to connect around the intersection of State and Las Positas – the Gelson’s parking lot is a tough spot, and the light in front of Kyoto is a total dead zone. (Verizon/Subaru, and every other car I’ve owned.)


Ha! I was going to post a question on Nextdoor about CarPlay dropping out at Milpas last week but never got around to it! I drive a Porsche Macan and have Verizon. Basically every time I drive South on the 101 between the two Milpas exits, my car screen goes black for a few seconds and it kicks me out of my Google Maps navigation. It rarely happens when driving north. I figured it must be happening to other people too. Could there be some type of signal jammer in that area? Seems like more than just losing service though, because I when drive through areas where I know I have no cell service (Hope Ranch etc) it doesn’t suddenly restart the whole system.


Can we please stop hearing about the Duchess of Nothing and her endless pursuit of fame? I personally wish this couple would just do what they said they wanted, which is live a quiet life, out of the public eye. I think everyone supported that decision but if they wanted that why are they going out of their way to be in the news? They are constantly seeking attention by whining and spilling dirty family secrets and lies for MONEY? Seriously they act like spoiled rotten five year olds.
No family is perfect and anyone who supports them should look at their own family and think about every sibling disagreement and comment made in jest and whether they would want their child or sibling to distort the facts and sell them to tabloids and any other media outlet they can?
When Megan’s own father did that prior to her wedding everyone felt sorry for her …. now she and Harry are doing the same thing and people lap it up.
I think they are disgraceful and it makes me sick that people who know zero about the Royal Family, except what they have watched on fictional shows like The Crown seem to fawn all over them.


I wonder why we need another smoke and vape shop when there is already one close by on De la Vina. Especially when smoking and vaping are not allowed in public places in Santa Barbara.