Let’s Stop Poisoning Owls and Hawks

••• Space Home & Garden, the Carpinteria design gallery currently open by appointment only, will have a “safe soft opening” with refreshments Friday through Sunday of Labor Day weekend, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pictured above: “Norman Cherner ‘Pretzel’ chairs, ebonized and finished with a rare South African bison leather.”

••• It doesn’t take a huge leap to see that if you put poison into the ecosystem, you’re likely to harm far more than you intend to—a lesson humanity never seems to learn. As much as I hate killing mice and rats with old-fashioned snap traps, I refuse to allow bait boxes on our property because if you poison the rodents, you poison the owls, hawks, and other animals that rely on them as a food source. And the death by these poisons is slow, painful, and grisly. That’s why I support efforts to pass a state law banning anticoagulant pesticides, which force animals to bleed to death. According to Raptors Are the Solution, bill AB 1788 is “passed out of the CA Senate Appropriations Committee on a 5-to-2 vote and is on its way to the Senate floor (then back to the Assembly)! […] Next week, the bill will be heard before the full Senate (we don’t yet know the exact date). The bill was heard last year before the Assembly; however it must now go back for a concurrence vote. We need your voices again! Please call your CA State Senator and Assemblymember as soon as possible to let them know you support AB 1788. (The Capitol number is best.)” Monique Limón is at 916-319-2037 and Hannah-Beth Jackson is at 916-651-4019.

••• The “for lease” sign at the former Oliver & Espig store at the Montecito Village shopping center has been removed, so presumably someone is moving in. That space has such potential to elevate the whole complex, especially if the tenant could use the plaza in front.

••• A real estate agent sent out an email looking for a short-term rental for a “world-famous sculpturer,” which I mention not (merely) to poke fun at the word sculpturer, but because I’ve been wondering how many world-famous sculptors there really are. Jeff Koons, Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor Damien Hirst, maybe Andy Goldsworthy….

••• From the Montecito Fire Department: “The Santa Barbara County Roads Commissioner has agreed to temporarily limit parking to one side of the street on Miramar Avenue and Humphrey’s Road. The Road Commissioner’s office will be placing no parking signs on the North side of the 100 block of both Humphrey Road and Miramar Avenue restricting parking on Fridays through Sundays. This temporary parking regulation […] will be enforced by the Sheriff’s Department through the issuance of parking citations.”

••• From the SBIFF: “Director Karen Kasaba will be with us [this Thursday] to discuss her film about the beautiful Ganna Walska Lotusland in Santa Barbara. The Garden Is Singing captures the soul of the garden in the context of the greater global purpose public botanic gardens serve […]. Watch the film and virtually jump on the call with Karen Kasaba and programmer Audrey Arn on Thursday, August 27, at 6 p.m.”


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