Legal Battle Over the News-Press Buildings

••• The Prestige Hand Car Wash on N. Milpas Street has closed; there are rumors the site is being redeveloped. —Montecito Journal (UPDATE: “It looks like that site is in the planning stage for a three-story, 22-unit AUD project,” says J.)

••• “Bankruptcy Trustee for Santa Barbara News-Press Attempts to Claw Back Buildings […] Wendy McCaw Accused of Fraudulently Transferring Ownership of Flagship Building on De la Guerra Plaza and Goleta Printing Plant to Herself.” —Independent

••• The Chrisman California Islands Center in Carpinteria will open this winter: “Reflecting a half-century of collecting and curating by Marla Daily, who started working for Santa Cruz Island’s former owner Carey Stanton back in 1973, the CCIC will serve as both a public showcase and research archive focused on the islands’ historical lore.” —Independent

••• “Proposed Changes to Leadbetter [Beach] Restrooms Rile Up Santa Barbara Swimmers […] New ADA-Compliant Makeover Could Replace Protective Walls and Changing Areas.” —Independent

••• Artist Kelly Clause has opened a studio/gallery in the Funk Zone. —Independent

••• “What’s on the ballot in the city of Santa Barbara? […] There will be three city councilmembers running for reelection in the November 2024 general election”—Alejandra Gutierrez (District 1), Mike Jordan (District 2), and Oscar Gutierrez (District 3)—”along with a ballot measure in the March primary that will leave it to voters to decide whether the city’s construction contracts should go to the lowest responsible bidder—as is the current process—or through a new method that would allow the city to choose contractors through alternative standards.” —independent


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Arthur Merovick

What happens to my ten “prepaid” car washes, purchased in good faith