Kin Bakeshop Soft-Opens Next Week

••• Kin Bakeshop‘s much-anticipated doughnut shop in Turnpike Center soft-opens to the public on June 29: “It’ll be really limited days and times as we ease into a more consistent opening schedule.” Look for the hours to be announced on Instagram.

••• Oat Bakery is rumored to be opening a small outpost—possibly temporary—in the Montecito Country Mart.

••• A notice of development posted outside the future home of RH (Restoration Hardware) in Montecito’s Upper Village says the plan is to “build 740-square-foot cafe and 612-square-foot dining patio.” Semi-related: I can’t think of another brand that has successfully moved from mid-market to high-end, the way RH is trying to with its push into hospitality, real estate, and so on.

••• Gin’s Tap Bar at the Inn at Mattei’s Tavern is now serving food, and I’d like one of each, please. Hours are currently Thursday through Sunday, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

••• Gelson’s will be installing self-checkout stations, too, say M. and C.

••• A few updates from Vega Vineyard & Farm: it’s launching weekend brunch on Saturday, regular Friday and Saturday dinner service beginning July 7, and hosting chef Budi Kazali for a pop-up dinner ($175 per person) on June 30.

••• If you find yourself unable to visit the Montesano Group restaurants—perhaps you’ve moved away or been banned—you can recreate the experience at home by buying branded plates and napkins at Montesano Market & Deli.


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Montecito is not interested in the “hospitality” of Restoration Hardware – RH is a violation of our small town lifestyle.


Agree! RH hasn’t become high end. All of its products are still made in China and I have not seen any shift from it being a middle of the road brand. I feel like there are a few writers and publications in the area that have some reason to need to support their intrusion in a very small, charming, lovely location – like they’re lobbying us to add a little big box. We should not be supporting this restaurant. There’s nothing about their food or their restaurant that is needed in the community. Check out other locations with Restaurants and get feedback from the community. See if they really eat there! Nope! It’s a tourist a tractor to get people from other areas in the door to Rh to order furniture digitally inside a brick and mortar. Do your homework


I am concerned about even more traffic on our narrow roads without sidewalks. Traffic in Montecito has increased dramatically over the past 10 years already!! RH should go somewhere that needs more visibility. We live in Montecito to avoid crowds and to have privacy!!! RH does not line up with that at all.


I am excited to have RH in the upper village. Gary Friedman is a local and has created magic in transforming the brand into something quite remarkable. What it will do is add vibrancy to the upper village, another choice for lunch, maintain the architectural integrity of an important building, and be a good neighbor. It will not make any noticeable change to traffic nor degrade privacy. If you think it is a big box brand, you are in for a surprising treat. For one, I am excited! Note: while Lucca was beautiful, it was an appointment only destination. RH will be an open house and I can’t wait to visit and show some love!


Gary Friedman is from San Francisco…..not a local….a local implant, maybe! He has none of our community interests……
Nothing about his products are vibrant or remarkable! His restaurant in Yountville is pretty, expensive and ok food. It is very crowded in that area.
I do agree we could do something better than Lucca. That was a waste of a beautiful building……What about a great Seafood restaurant???


The upper village is a secret from most tourists and our sweet quiet space will now have a huge National brand/RH driving people into our neighborhood. Born and raised in Montecito and HORRIFIED!!! There should be no big business in the upper village!


Tourists will not come to the upper village to go to RH, people who live in the area and are looking for furniture will go there. Pierre Lafond probably gets tourists and the upper village seems to have coped with that for many decades.