Is This the Grooviest House in Greater Santa Barbara?

Spend enough time looking at houses and you’ll come to savor those moments when an owner does something purely for his or her own satisfaction, throwing to the wind any concerns about resale. The apotheosis of that is 1230 Toro Canyon Road. Built in 1980, it’s a veritable explosion of self-expression.


Bedrooms: Two.
Bathrooms: Two.
Size/Acreage: 3,412 square feet / 13.31 acres.
Price: $2.195 million.
Listing agent: Jody Neal of Ranch.Land.Estates.


The listing text helps make some sense of the photos. Rare is the property that includes a moat, “hot tub grotto,” and helipad….

”Castle in the Sky” – Designed by local legend, Frank Robinson, with unimaginable views and privacy. Inspired by Barcelona’s famed architect, Antoni Gaudí, each adobe brick room is an artistic marvel with elements of Native American wood-art touched by a flair of modernism. A ”five-element” theme (water, fire, earth, wood, air) runs throughout. Enjoy astounding views while inspiring your most creative thoughts… alone or with friends. Imagine arriving in style using the helicopter pad and hangar. Partially complete, wrap-around swimming pool/moat leads to an indoor hot tub grotto waiting for the new owner’s finishing touches. Restore water service either by repairing Thomas fire-damaged private well or with Montecito water meter.

Only photos, however, can do justice to the glory of the property. There’s no floor plan, so you may not be able to tell exactly what’s what; then again, a bit of disorientation might suit the place.

The listing has even more photos. To see it in person, contact Jody Neal of Ranch.Land.Estates (805-252-9267). Be sure to tell him Siteline sent you.