Is the City Getting the Raw End of the Paseo Nuevo Deal?

••• “With the passing of its founder and owner, Jennifer Scarbrough, earlier this year, Lovebird Boutique [on E. De La Guerra] was very near to closing. But friend and patron Nancy Burgner recently swooped in with business partner Peter Gaum to save the De la Guerra Street store.” —Independent (photo courtesy Lovebird)

••• An interesting op-ed by developer Ed St. George rips the city—and, in particular, city administrator Paul Casey—for the Paseo Nuevo lease renewal: “Believe it or not, that’s all we receive [as rent] as the owners [of Paseo Nuevo]: a mere 17 cents a month. […] If I were Paul Casey, I would offer to negotiate with Pacific Retail to trade the existing lease on the Macy’s building for the 30-year extension it is requesting for the remainder of Paseo Nuevo. Then the city would have full control of both the Macy’s and Nordstrom buildings, the two anchor properties at opposite ends of the two-block mall. With the city in full control of the two enormous and vacant buildings, I would immediately go straight to Google headquarters in Mountain View.” —Noozhawk

••• “A Florida cannabis corporation [Jushi] that is publicly traded on the Canadian stock exchange has acquired a controlling interest in Santa Barbara’s coveted third and final retail marijuana dispensary” at 3516 State Street in San Roque. —Noozhawk

••• From a City of Goleta press release on Edhat: “50 Great Public Lands Destinations—Santa Barbara and Beyond recently launched to help everyone discover new and wonderful places and adventures, all within 300 miles of Santa Barbara.”

••• “Goleta officials closed the 30-year-old wooden footbridge at the northern end of Lake Los Carneros this week, citing extensive wood rot. Before it can reopen, ‘significant reconstruction or replacement’ will be needed.” —Independent