Impressive New Craft Studio Opening Downtown

••• How’s this for a price cut: the semi-finished estate at 605/607 Cowles Road is now $4.4 million cheaper, if “cheaper” is a word one can even use around something asking $23.5 million. And there are now renderings of what it’ll look like when it’s done.

••• Opening May 29 in the former Peanuts Maternity & Kids space at La Arcada Plaza (9 E. Figueroa): The Crafter’s Library, “a membership-based craft studio” with “sewing machines, Circuit cutting machines, a 3-in-1 laser etcher, 3D printer and CNC wood craving machine, and tons of craft equipment.”

••• A proponent of the effort to buy and preserve part of the San Marcos Foothills sent over info about upcoming tours offered by Foothills Forever and Channel Islands Restoration:

April 10 and 17 (Saturdays):
10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.: Geology Tour with Susie Bartz
1 p.m.-2 p.m.: Informal “Walk & Talk” with Julia Laraway

April 11 and 18 (Sundays):
10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.: Tour with Scott Orlofsky
1 p.m.-2 p.m.: Informal “Walk & Talk” with Dani Lynch

••• The Gorjana jewelry store on Coast Village Road has opened. Below: founders Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel. P.S. It’s pronounced gohr-yah-nuh.

••• The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is releasing a book, Cinema in Flux: A year of Connecting Through Film, of the movie recommendations that executive director Roger During (and others, I believe) have written during the pandemic. It’s $100 plus $30 shipping, $50 of which is tax-deductible, and it’ll be ready in September.

••• Press release: “Caltrans announced today it will reopen Highway 1 at Rat Creek in Monterey County by April 30—nearly two months ahead of its target date. A full closure has been in place following the January 28 mudslide that washed out 150 feet of the roadway.”

••• According to a note on the door, aquarium shop Aquatic Jewels is opening today. I’m kind of surprised the owner of the Montecito Village shopping center allowed the vivid blue sign. UPDATE: The “opening 4/9” sign has been removed.

••• From the city of Santa Barbara:

The Council of the City of Santa Barbara is inviting members of the community to apply to the City’s State Street Advisory Committee to guide the production of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan. The Advisory Committee will provide input and recommendations of the creation of a Downtown State Street Area Master Plan to address the following elements: Streetscape Design and Amenities; Transportation and Circulation; Housing and Redevelopment Opportunities; Economic Development; Historic Resources; Equity and Accessibility; Homeless Strategies; Public and Performing Arts. The City Council seeks a diverse group of people to review professional and community input and provide guidance of the Downtown State Street Area Master Plan. The Council seeks people whose professional experience, education, as well as community and stakeholder representation will help guide the Master Plan development. Advisory Committee members should have a demonstrated interest in Downtown Santa Barbara, design, commercial districts and urban planning. The Council wants the membership of the Downtown State Street Area Master Plan Advisory Committee to be broad-based and representative of the many stakeholders in the community.


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