If You Like Siteline, Please Recommend It

I can hardly believe eight months have passed since I started Siteline. (Then again, the last three weeks have felt like three years….) Feedback has been positive, and readership has steadily increased, both of which are terrific. But I need your assistance to take it to the next level. Here are four ways to help:

1. Recommend Siteline to friends, family, colleagues, local businesses, random people on the street (from six feet away, of course)…. Nothing is as powerful as a personal recommendation, especially from someone with your good taste.

2. Subscribe to the email newsletter. Every two or three days, I send out an email with summaries of recent posts. It’s the easiest way to follow Siteline, unless you’re one of those people with 21,451 unread emails in your inbox.

3. Share posts on social media. In the relatively old days, websites could rely on Facebook and Twitter to grow traffic. Now it’s all about Instagram, which is fun, but also terrible for getting people to read an article, because you can’t click through. Still, if you do follow Siteline on Instagram, please don’t just like posts—share them.

4. Submit tips! Santa Barbara is rather big for one person to cover. So when you see something noteworthy, let me know. You can always just reply to the email newsletter.

Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or even compliments.


Erik Torkells
[email protected]