Four Sources for Grocery Items

••• From Handlebar Coffee Roasters: “In 1939, our 2nd cafe where we roast from was originally the 1st Safeway grocery store in Santa Barbara. Fast forward to current times, we are now beginning to offer items in our marketplace at both cafes that everyone is telling us they are having trouble sourcing. We now stock the following: we just took delivery of 1500 organic brown eggs; Organic Brown Eggs: $18/ 30 organic eggs. $4.50 Organic Straus Whole Milk. $8/ 32 oz Organic Straus Greek Yogurt. We are offering eggs by the flat of 30 at both cafes as well as whole milk for sale. As the week progresses the marketplace at both cafes should filled with dry goods like rice, beans, pasta, sauce, TP, paper towels etc. please spread the word to your friends in need of eggs and/or milk. They will go fast! & thanks for all the support.”

••• Metropulos Fine Foods says it has all sorts of things—De Cecco dried pasta, eggs, butter, nuts, etc.—you might find it hard to get elsewhere. Also: “Please buy our Italian colombas. They are typical of Easter but make a nice breakfast any time. We had to preorder them back in December. Also we have a few fresh marron glacé panettones.”

••• “Business triples at Tri-County Produce with fresh fruits, produce, local sanitizer and essentials.” Did someone say sanitizer?! “A newly stocked product has been locally produced: hand sanitizer. It is made in Ventura. The first shipment was 100 bottles. It’s a tall pink bottle right at the registers and on the way out, customers are grabbing one at a time when other stores have empty shelves.” Store owner John Dixon: “I said, ‘How soon can you bring me another 500, maybe another 1,000 bottles?’ We are limiting one bottle per customer and they are flying off the shelves.” —KEYT

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••• The Good Lion announced that it’s coming back online this week, selling to-go cocktails. UPDATE: “Cocktails should be ready by Friday!” says the Good Lion. “We will be doing to-go out of Shaker Mill with Cubaneo’s delicious Cuban sandwiches!”

••• The Rosewood Miramar Beach resort closed its doors, including Caruso’s and Malibu Farm, which had been offering delivery.

••• Dune Coffee Roasters (née French Press) is getting next-level creative: “Dune Coffee Gram: order before 6am and we will deliver you a nice coffee moment between 7-9am.⁣ What is included?⁣ Two 12oz fresh squeezed organic orange juices⁣; two 12 coffee beverages of your choice (oat latte? Cappuccino? Americano? This is your party not mine!)⁣; two pastries of your choice (bagel and cream cheese, almond butter toast, any of our croissants—again the world is your oyster!)⁣. All delivered to your doorstep for $22. Simply text 805-697-1144 and we will get you with Venmo/PayPal payment options. Then go to bed and know we will stop by with your coffee snacks tomorrow morning. ⁣Order for your best friend! Send coffee to you awesome nurse neighbor. Just text us!⁣”