Four Recently Listed Properties Worth a Look

In lieu of an open-house roundup—those aren’t happening these days—here are some properties with potential that just came on the market.

Another day, another big Tudor house for sale. This one, 1321 School House Road ($5.99 million) in Montecito, was designed by George Washington Smith and built in 1900. It looks like it has good bones, but also like it might want a fresh eye. The white brick hot tub needs to stay. (Maybe not the wood-plank diving board, if it still exists.)


1822 Garden Street ($1.295 million) is “surrounded by multi-million dollar estates” in the Upper East but nobody will mistake it for one. Once you get past the drab exterior, there’s charm here and there, helped by fresh white paint and a nice staging. Plus: a backyard with potential.


Another pretty staging can be found at 280 Santa Rosa Lane ($4.495 million) in Montecito, along with one of the more appealing kitchens I’ve seen lately. And the paneling in the family room is great, although the French doors don’t seem to agree.


Wide ocean views for $3.5 million? Sure, in the Carp foothills. 1933 Paquita Drive ($3.5 million) is going to take work, and it could very well smell like pot, but not many homeowners can say they have a living room in the shape of a slanted parallelogram.