Former Hostel to Become Housing for the Homeless

••• The former Santa Barbara Tourist Hostel (134 Chapala) across the tracks from the train station “has reportedly been purchased by the County of Santa Barbara and will be transformed into transitional bridge housing for people living on the streets. Title to the building will be transferred to the Santa Barbara Housing Authority, which enjoys an exemplary reputation in managing similar projects.” —Independent

••• An RV rammed into the parklet at the Twenty-Four Blackbirds chocolate shop on E. Haley Street, but no one was using it. This photo will give you nightmares…. —KEYT

••• In Isla Vista, part fo a bluff collapsed onto the beach. The rule of thumb is apparently to stay away one-and-a-half times the height of the bluff. —Noozhawk

••• “The annual dredging of the Santa Barbara harbor has begun with a stream of silty water shooting out from a location halfway down the beach front. The process involves the dredge boat doing its work in the harbor entrance where currents dump tons of sand each year. […] The clearing operation moves the water and sand through a large black pipe visible from West Beach to a site nearly at East Beach.” —KEYT

••• Formerly only for horseback riders, “the Live Oak Recreational Trails in the Santa Ynez Valley are opening to hikers and trail runners and others for the first time this weekend. What this means is that 3,000 acres of the most beautiful part of the north side of Cachuma Lake will now be accessible for hiking, trail running, photography and other passive activities.” Dogs are not allowed. —Noozhawk

••• “Starr Hall has opened Lark Trading Co., a fine home goods and provisions company, in Santa Ynez. […] The store specializes in furnishings, books, spices and provisions.” —Noozhawk


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Dan O. Seibert

The county is crazy to buy this for a transition home. Good lord. . . when did Gregg Hart lose his mind. It’s the most prime real estate. How about the Dario Pini hotel on State near Sola? Buy Dario’s property for 4.7 million.

Lila Lucas

Now is the time to discuss all aspects of this hostel purchase because, evidently, there is not an actual offer in place at this time (unless under the table). Therefore, in my opinion, we have to make noise. I second Dan O. Seibert in the absurdity of such purchase in this area. Regardless of one’s thoughts regarding the unhoused population–although I would think we all are in agreement that there has to be something done with the crisis–yet spending over 3 million dollars on a 25 bed “bridge- shelter” in this prime real estate location; the entrance to the hub of the city via the train station; a neighbor to the kid’s museum The Moxie, makes absolutely no sense. I believe our property tax dollars could be spent in a much more prudent and efficient way in another location. Please. voice your opinion.


Chapala was in escrow and now has fallen out. At least according to Redfin. Is the county having second thoughts?