First Look Inside The Eddy, a Contemporary Corner Store

The Eddy opens today in the former Beads space at E. De La Guerra and Santa Barbara Street, and I defy anyone who loves food and/or shopping not to be delighted. Co-owners Alex Suhadolnik and Jennifer Steinwurtzel, who also collaborate at Jake & Jones, have packed a lot into the 650 square feet. The first items you’ll see upon entering are Lay’s potato chips and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, but they’re fun outliers. The focus is decidedly artisanal—a mix of things you need and things you want, brands you love and brands you’ve never heard of.

It’s still a work in progress: wine and beer are in the pipeline, and the grab-and-go options will become more robust. Deliveries from Oat Bakery and Merci start today, with Revolver and the Daisy to come.

“We both lived in other cities before moving here,” says Suhadolnik. “I came from San Francisco and Jennifer came from New York. We were both so used to our corner stores—they became like family.” To that end, the plan includes using the Eddy for workshops and events. “We want it to be a place for the community to gather. What happens after hours will be just as important as what happens during the day.”

The Eddy is open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week (subject to change).


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ES Corchero

Beyond excited about The Eddy. Neighborhood shops like this are so welcome — and quite frankly I am excited to browse the unique selection. Well done… and you bet I’ll be supporting them with my patronage!


Looks nice! Great location, fairly easy to pull over and jump out on that part of Santa Barbara St.


I just noticed your ad for Broad Street Oyster Co so thought I would share my recent experience. My sister was visiting and loves lobster so thought we would try a lobster roll from Broad Street and I have to say it was delicious! We tried the cold with mayo version… it was served on a warm roll with a very light mayo dressing which didn’t overpower the lobster flavor. I was also pleasantly suprised by the shaded and spacious back patio. I recommend giving it a try!