Debate Continues Over the State Street Promenade

••• “Santa Barbara State Street Meeting Sparks Debate Over Cars, Bikes, Retail and Restaurants,” reports Noozhawk. “Planning Commission and Historic Landmarks Commission as well as public speakers discuss the future of the 11-block promenade.” Nothing can change without someone losing. Bet the baby gets cut in two.

••• From a Montecito Journal article about the construction of the Olive Mill roundabout: “While motorists will be able to drive through the intersection throughout the entire construction period—mid-November 2022 through summer 2023—[…] the northbound off-ramp at Olive Mill Road will be closed throughout construction as the contractor is staging on the off-ramp. […] Also the southbound on-ramp at Olive Mill will be closed from the beginning of construction through the end of the year.”

••• Comedian Andy Dick was arrested for allegedly stealing power tools from a house under construction in Santa Barbara. —TMZ

••• The Drift hotel on State (Cota/Haley) is now shooting to open in December. —Noozhawk

••• “Loma Alta Drive in Santa Barbara will be closed to car traffic beginning Monday, Oct. 24 as the city Public Works Department prepares for potential storm impacts in the future. […] The closure will be in place until May 2023.” —KEYT

••• The Santa Barbara News-Press will stop daily delivery next week. Instead, “News-Press subscribers could have the papers delivered to their homes or office every day except Sundays via the U.S. Postal Service, according to the flier. It is unclear at the time if the transition away from the News-Press carrier and to U.S.P.S. delivery will cause a delay in the papers’ delivery. The papers will still be available at news stands or for pick-up at local supermarkets, convenience stores, or hotels.” —KEYT

••• “ExxonMobil Acquires Troubled Crude Oil Pipelines from Plains All American […] Sale includes Pipeline 901, which ruptured in May 2015 near Refugio State Beach, spilling up to 630,000 gallons onto the shoreline and into the ocean.” —Noozhawk

••• “The Santa Barbara Zoo will debut a new seasonal tradition starting this November, hosting its inaugural holiday celebration—ZooLights. […] Starting Nov. 3, guests can enjoy this immersive holiday experience featuring thousands of handcrafted silk-covered lanterns aglow with more than 50,000 LED bulbs. These giant illuminated lanterns represent animals and nature scenes of wild places from around the world.” —Santa Barbara News-Press


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Dick Martin

State Street looks like a homeless slum. Please go back to the beautiful ‘Spanish’ style of our community.


Vastly safer than cars. SB has around 500 injuries and fatalities per year from car accidents. That doesn’t even count health impacts from smog. Thank God those death machines aren’t allowed anymore down our busiest pedestrian corridor


“…our busiest pedestrian corridor” was actually quite a bit more busy (and enjoyable) when vehicles were allowed to cruise State St. Leave me out of your sweeping, knee jerk bs, please.

Jack Look

With the Southbound Olive Mill on ramp closed, how are all the cars forced onto Coast Village Road by the closing of the Hot Springs/Cabrillo southbound on ramp go? The Miramar on ramp is not designed for that much traffic. North Jameson to Sheffield is a long detour.