Dave’s Drip House Has Opened

••• Dave’s Drip House has opened in Turnpike Center: “We will have 16 base flavors that will rotate based on the season. But better yet, you will be able to customize your ice cream to create thousand more flavors with the cereals and topping that we will have on hand.” Plus: funnel cakes.

••• Maiz Picante, coming to De La Vina just south of Handlebar, will specialize in tacos. The tagline “Taqueros de Corazón” seems likely to cause confusion.

••• An exciting new arrival at the Cheese Shop….

••• Catering company Poe & Co. has debuted a line called Folk Foods: “a line of dried meals created to elevate and simplify the camping experience. Our just-add-water pouches contain modern flavors, clean ingredients, are lightweight, easy to pack, and enjoyed right out of the bag” (via Edible Santa Barbara).

••• Edhat loved every moment of a free meal at Saint Remy, the restaurant at the newly opened Courtyard by Marriott at State and Arrellaga.

••• Backstage has a mechanical bull on country-themed Wednesday nights. Here’s a little motivation for you.


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Not a huge fan of chains, especially not in SB, but I feel like I need to draw up a petition to get a SweetGreen or similar casual salad franchise in Santa Barbara. I think we can all agree (looking forward to disagreeing replies) that a vibrant daytime State St. helps everyone, and it’s tough to get a quick salad for $10-$15. They were going to open up that Everytable spot within the Amazon office on State, but I’ve lost hope.


Old Orcutt has a new salad themed spot opening- the operators will be moving their old concept/menu to their popular foodtruck and install the salad menu soon- like this week/next week. I am stoked- they are called The Shift. Remember Soup Plantation? I try to hit Savoy a few times a year??


I have been saying this for years! Feels like there’s a huge market for quick healthy salads here.

Marina King

I miss places like Soup Plantation… I am glad to live near Natural Cafe though.


I totally agree. There is a dearth of fast casual fresh food here. It’s ironic we don’t have more great salad/fresh options given the availability of amazing produce here. Whenever we get takeout (which is a little too often lately) I’m stumped on choices that don’t feel heavy, especially for dinner hours. The Daisy is our usual go to but I need more options. Secret Bao has a decent salad but only at lunch. By the time dinner menus roll around most places have switched to heavier evening food. Tyger Tyger has a good crispy rice salad you can add protein to but still, I need more options!


What about Savoy? They have a salad bar or you can get a plate with multiple sides/veggies or soup.

Peter Sullivan

There actually is a petition out there but yea we really really need this and such a good fit!


Ugh yeah Everytable is SUCH a disappointment – was looking forward to it immensely because it would be so convenient and inexpensive. Now I just get to walk past it every day on the way to work and see its stupid dumb logo and grumble inwardly at its inability to launch.

Sb karen

To everyone who has never owned or operated a successful restaurant. Please stop telling restauranteurs what they need to be opening and why. If someone wants to open a healthy/salad restaurant they will. I don’t think a restauranteur is going to read these comments and say oh yeah…???? Why am I not doing this. It takes a lot of investment and a lot of courage and now how to open up any restaurant.
Please be respectful!
It’s not all about you getting your cheap salad at lunchtime.



South Coast Deli has terrific salads that are quite reasonable and huge! order online to save time.