Cheat Sheet: Who’s Endorsing Whom

The ballot is a bit overwhelming, so here’s a rundown of endorsements from local news sources. (You’re on your own for the presidential race and the statewide proposals.) Each outlet’s full of list of recommendations can be found at Independent, Montecito Journal (the October 2-8 issue will be online eventually), and News-Press (which only weighs in on a handful of local races). If others are published, I’ll update this page accordingly.

U.S. Congress 24th District
• Salud Carbajal / Independent, Montecito Journal
• Andy Caldwell / News-Press

State Senate District 19
• Monique Limón / Independent, Montecito Journal
• Gary Michaels / News-Press

State Assembly 37th District
• Steve Bennett / Independent, Montecito Journal
• Charles Cole / News-Press

Santa Barbara Unified School Board
• Laura Capps / Independent, Montecito Journal
• Wendy Sims-Moten / Independent, Montecito Journal
• Virginia Alvarez / Independent, Montecito Journal

Montecito Fire District Board
• Sylvia Easton / Montecito Journal
• Michael Lee / Montecito Journal
• Abe Powell / Montecito Journal

Montecito Sanitary District
• Don Eversoll / Montecito Journal
• Dorinne Lee Johnson / Montecito Journal
• Edwin Martin / Montecito Journal
→ N.B. Melinda Burns’s recent article on this race is worth reading.

Measure L / $7.8 Million Bond for Cold Spring School District
• Yes / Montecito Journal, Independent

Measure M / $80 Million Bond for Goleta School Improvements
• Yes / Independent

Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees
• Robert Miller / Independent
• Erin Guereña / Independent
• Anna Everett / Independent

Goleta Mayor
• Paula Perotte / Independent

Goleta City Council
• Stuart Kasdin / Independent
• Kyle Richards / Independent

Goleta Union School District Board of Education
• Sholeh Jahangir / Independent
• Vicki Ben-Yaacov / Independent

Goleta Water District Board of Directors
• Lauren Hanson / Independent
• Bill Rosen / Independent
• Farfalla Borah / Independent


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