Casa del Herrero Is Selling Off Two Acres of Land

Noteworthy new listings….

Montecito’s Casa del Herrero—a 1925 National Historic Landmark designed by George Washington Smith and now a house museum—has listed two of its 11 acres as 0 Pimiento Lane ($5.995 million). The trapezoidal chunk in the southwest corner is accessible via Pimiento Lane, and because Google, Zillow, et al have a hard time with “0” addresses, I had to make the map below to give a general sense of the location. Obviously, the real estate market has been hot, and that goes extra for little Pimiento Lane, but this must have been a controversial decision within the organization, for it can never be undone. UPDATE: The organization’s board issued a press release with the following: “By an overwhelming majority vote of the Board of Trustees, including full support from the Bass and Steedman family members serving on the Board, the land sale was approved. Medora Steedman Bass, the last family member to reside in the property and the generous creator of the non-profit vision for the Casa, provided for a sale in her letters and instructions as a way to ensure the enduring sustainability and success of Casa del Herrero as both a historic treasure and a community resource. The Board of Trustees will be utilizing a portion of the proceeds to complete the Capital Improvement and Restoration Project that is currently ongoing at the Casa, including critical improvements and repairs to infrastructure (roofs, systems, mechanicals), restoration of interiors, conservation and repairs to key elements of the 17th and 18th Century arts and collections, as well as restoration and upgrades to the gardens and grounds.”


The 1900 house at 167 Pomar Lane ($12.8 million) in the Hedgerow is a charmer—and a hot potato. It has sold twice in the last few years ($7.9 million in May 2021 and $9.783 million in June 2022). I have no idea how recent the renovations touted in the listing are.


Built in 2020, 118 N. Patterson Avenue ($3.395 million) is a four-bedroom, four-bath house with a clean, contemporary look. The indoor-outdoor flow is important, given the fairly pinched backyard on a .23-acre lot.


Located in the part of town between Las Positas Road and Hidden Valley that Google Maps calls County Property, 1002 La Senda Drive ($3.595 million) is a five-bedroom house on an acre. It was built in 1989 and looks it, but you get a lot of space for the money, inside and out (including “off street parking for 6+ additional cars”).


The 1880 Union Hotel at 362 Bell Street in Los Alamos has been on and off the market for a while, and now it’s back on for $5.5 million. Some history from the listing: “The town of Los Alamos was founded in 1876, when the stagecoach line was rerouted through the area. Four years later, the 1880 Union was built as a stagecoach home station complete with store and lodging. It burned down in 1893, but was rebuilt in 1915 as a hotel and saloon. In 1972, the Union was restored to its original condition thanks to an expert cabinetmaker who meticulously rebuilt a replica of its 1880 façade. The property went through another extensive refurbishing in 2016” and has been operating as an event venue. Given the wave of change headed for Los Alamos, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the landmark.


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 161 Loureyro Road ($3.495 million): Five-bedroom house at the north end of Loureyro Road.
••• 807 E. Alamar Avenue ($3.4 million): 1979 fixer on a 7.3-acre lot in the shape of a long, thin rectangle, with a third of the lot on the slope across the street.
••• 115 E. Pedregosa Street ($3.295 million): Flip of a 1913 Upper East house; the seller paid $3.095 million last March.
••• 2732 Miradero Drive ($1.25 million): Single-level cottage condo in Villa Miradero North. Check out the zippy orange kitchen (below).
••• Calle Real ($1.125 million): 24.05 acres of mostly hillside 15 miles west of Goleta.


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I’m pretty new to your site, and sure appreciate what you post every week.
Lots of work.
I can’t afford to buy that much land in Montecito but I looked at the Assessor’s map and that $6MM lot isn’t even shown as a separate parcel. Can land owners carve off a chunk of land and sell it? Maybe they would consider selling 1/10 acre pieces. I’d consider that.????


The County Planning Dept. will need to bless a lot split for them to sell these two acres. It is likely in process and any sale would be contingent upon a successful split. You can check the zoning for this area specifically but most of Montecito has a minimum lot size larger than 0.1 acres.


The minimum lot size for that area is 2 acres, so they are splitting off the smallest chunk possible outside of SB 9 lot splits. After checking the permit history for the parcel, no subdivision has been applied for as of yet. Maybe they’re waiting for a buyer and will use some of the proceeds from the sale to fund the subdivision.