California Sent Cottage Health 200,000 Unusable N95 Masks

••• As of yesterday afternoon, “there are now 139 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Santa Barbara County.” —KEYT

••• That number presumably includes the six Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Deputies with confirmed cases of Covid-19. —Edhat

••• And the first officer in the Santa Barbara Police Department to test positive. —Independent

••• “The long-awaited rapid testing for Covid-19 is finally available in Santa Barbara County. A Pacific Diagnostics Laboratory in the county will be able to test up to 10 people a day. That’s in addition to the tests processed by the state and by regional public health partners like Ventura County. This is the first lab in Santa Barbara County to be able to process local tests, and although it is only able to process a small number of tests per day, its speed is what makes the impact.” —Independent

••• “Just days after fencing went up around the Santa Barbara Skater’s Point due to violations,  action is being taken on city basketball courts. They will soon be unusable.” —KEYT

••• “The City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department announced the closure of picnic sites on Thursday evening. The Parks and Recreation Department says all group activities in City parks are prohibited until further notice.” —KEYT

••• “Cottage Health received 200,000 N95 masks from the State of California’s inventory, but there’s a problem [….] While in storage, the elastic strap degraded over time and no longer functions.” —KEYT

••• Montecito Journal finally updated its website, so you can read its articles online, if you want. (Happily, the insane letters section seems not to have made the cut.) There’s a nice profile of Tecolote Bookshop and its owner, Mary Sheldon. “Sheldon has been keeping the shop open thanks to the fact that her main entrance features a Dutch door. This feature allows her to keep the top half of the door open so the public knows the shop is open, yet the bottom half of the door can remain locked to prevent anyone from wandering inside.”