Café Ana Has Plans to Start Dinner Service

••• Welcome news from Café Ana: The restaurant, which always said it was content being a wine bar at night, has plans to introduce dinner service. No word yet on exactly when or what the menu will be like, but here’s hoping that cheeseburger is available.

••• In this season’s issue of Edible Santa Barbara (the one with the avocados on the cover): an interesting article about trying to cure olives in the ocean by John Cox, chef of The Bear and Star in Los Olivos.

••• The Restaurant Guy hears “a rumor that Dave’s Dogs […] in Goleta is planning to open a new location, supposedly near Milpas and Cannon Perdido Streets,” and it sounds like it’s “the former location of Sal’s Pizza.”

••• Gelson’s is the first store around here to sell Impossible’s ground fake-meat; a writer for the Independent tried making burgers with it at home. “Discerning palates wouldn’t necessarily mistake it for beef, but the Impossible patties did possess a very meat-like quality, offering savory flavors and a juicy texture that’s all you need in a burger experience. I made them again a couple of days later, wrapping mine in lettuce leaves this time, which only intensified the animalistic experience.”

••• “Rascal’s Vegan Pop-Up [is] collaborating with Emma West of Satellite S.B. for one-night only on Monday, October 14, 6-9:30 p.m.” —Independent