Bristol Farms Construction to Restart After Two-Month Delay

••• “Forecasters are predicting snow levels to drop to the 3500 ft. level on Thursday night, which will likely impact I-5 at the Grapevine.” And that means snarling traffic on the 101 and side streets. —KEYT

••• An article in the Independent says that Huguette Clark’s doll collection earned a “small fortune,” but doesn’t specify how much. More interesting, anyway, is the back half of the piece, about the stalled state of the Bellosguardo Foundation, which oversees Clark’s opulent estate. “According two past and present board members, the nonprofit […] hasn’t convened any formal meetings, conducted a feasibility study, or shared complete financial records. At least four members have resigned in protest.” The article also note the many promises of future initiatives that have gone unfulfilled, with fancy parties at the estate the only apparent activity.

••• “Bristol Farms reportedly plans to resume construction any day now on its store at La Cumbre Plaza [3885 State Street] in Santa Barbara, with the hope of opening in this spring.” —Noozhawk

••• “Sediment runoff from burn areas will be trucked to Goleta Beach Park and Carpinteria State Beach again this winter as necessary, according to the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department. […] The county has been looking for a permanent debris disposal site for years with no success. Trucks will likely haul sediment loads from the Cave Fire burn area debris basins and creek channels to Goleta, while Thomas Fire–area loads will go to Carpinteria.” —Noozhawk

••• From a Montecito Journal recap of the recent Montecito Association annual meeting: “Resident Jeff Slaff spoke to the board, informing them about a new map that he has put together outlining the walking paths through Montecito’s flat areas. […] Slaff is organizing monthly events to encourage residents to utilize the walking paths through town. For more information, email [email protected].”

••• “One of the nation’s largest orchid growers, Westerlay Orchids in Carpinteria, has leased a new 4-acre greenhouse. The company is expected to expand its business in national distribution from 3 million to 4 million plants by 2021.” Always delighted to see orchids hold the line against pot. —Edhat


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Abe Maslow

The Independent article on Bellosguardo was lazy. (And now it’s behind the paywall, too.) The reporter didn’t bother to get the totals from the auction, which he could have looked up online. He padded out his article with his same old one-sided material. It’s a 90-year-old house that hasn’t been lived in for 70 years, so, yes, it will have some costs to fix it up for public tours. What a surprise that it hasn’t been made ready in only 18 months!