Barbareño’s Pizza Spinoff Is Back With a New Name

••• Barbareño’s pizza spinoff, Barbareño Apizza, took a break and came back with a new name: Barb’s Pies, after Santa Barbara’s eponymous saint. It’s takeout/delivery only, baked in the kitchen at the new Venus in Furs wine bar on E. Cota, and the menu is still limited. According to the announcement, “Regular Barb’s Pie pop-ups will begin at Venus in Furs soon! Barb’s Pies will also be available at Test Pilot soon!”

••• Old Town Coffee is now selling the beans from its spinoff, Goleta Coffee Roasters. They’re $16 a pound, available in one-pound bags or reusable buckets (like the one below) that hold up to four pounds.

••• There’s a nice profile of Arnoldi’s Cafe in the current issue of Food & Home.

••• And a nice profile of Cristino’s Bakery in Goleta in the Independent.

••• Best use yet of plexiglass in a restaurant: Sakana has put it between patrons and chefs at the sushi bar. This screenshot from an Instagram story video doesn’t quite capture the effect (he’s placing his hand on the barrier).

••• This week’s SBIFF’s Film Talk series will discuss Mussel Man, a short film by Elvis Metcalf, Megan Schmidt, and Matt Mersel aboutBernard Friedman, a farmer who grows mussels off of the coast of Santa Barbara, and the man who may have the answer to the food shortages that we could be facing over the next few decades. However, his unique methods have been blocked by government red tape, and he now has to fight to keep his farm and his special brand of aquatic agriculture alive.” Register here for today’s Q&A.


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