Attempted Remedy for the Andrée Clark Bird Refuge’s Smell

••• “Historic Landmarks Commission approves odor beater plan to freshen up [Andrée Clark Bird Refuge] with cleaner, clearer water and native vegetation.” —Noozhawk

••• The Santa Barbara Bowl was approved for seven extra shows this year, for a total of 44. “The additional shows […] have not been officially announced, however the bowl is now planning a Mariachi festival during Old Spanish Days [and] a show, with details still to be worked out, with the Music Academy of the West.” —KEYT

••• “Airport-style security screening will be added to Santa Barbara County’s administration buildings in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara [105 E. Anapamu] after the Board of Supervisors approved the project and $450,000 expense […]. The security project does not appear to be in response to anything specific.” —Noozhawk

••• Predictably, the 99-room “farm resort” proposed for the Carpinteria bluffs provoked a negative reaction from the community at the recent city hearing, reports the Independent. I understand why people are wary of development, and especially this one, but I wonder whether it’s fair to attempt to restrict all use of land that has been zoned to allow it.

••• “A strike by tens of thousands of central and southern California grocery employees was averted Monday after the workers’ union reached a tentative deal with several major supermarket chains.” —KSBY

••• “The Vandenberg Space Force Base was announced as one of six locations being considered for the U.S. Space Force’s Space Training and Readiness Command Headquarters. STARCOM is one of three Space Force field commands and is responsible for the deliberate development, education and training of people in the space profession, according to the Air Force. It is also responsible for the development of space warfighting tactics, techniques, and procedures and the operational test of Space Force systems.” —KEYT

••• “Singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan will be headlining a show at the Arlington Theatre” on June 16. “Tickets go on sale Friday, April 8 via” —KEYT


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As for your comment about the fairness of restricting the carp bluffs. There is a thing you obviously don’t know about California and Californians protecting our land since you’ve only lived here for 2 years but there is no development that ever protects nature as if it’s left in situ. Period. Fairness is in the protection of natural habitats and the open spaces. These exceptional lands are not for greedy developers to come in and pretend they have a smart vision without profit at the forefront. It’s obvious you are a New Yorker who believes in developing all that remains untouched. That’s not California and I promise you will never see a development on that bluff if the true Californians and natives have anything to say about it.

Erik Torkells

I was born in California and spent the first 18 years of my life here, which I’m pretty sure qualifies me as a native. As for the bluffs, the fair thing to do would have been to change the zoning a long time ago.


To be clear… by “no development”, you’re referring to what’s currently a driving range and ag land.

Look at the property on google earth and then compare that to the hotel’s plans. There’s nothing more “unnatural” about the hotel than the current land use. In fact, it actually looks more natural. Smaller footprint + they’ll restore habit and create new public trails

If you oppose the hotel, then for consistency sake, I assume you’re also fighting to remove the driving range and farms which already displaced native habitat and probably use tons of fertilizer.


Not smaller “footprint” water wise.
We are in some SERIOUS drought ahead.
Officials Find Just 2.5 Inches of Snowpack
The end-of-winter snowpack at Phillips Station should be 5 FEET DEEP.
Snowpack in CA’s mountains makes up 30% of the state’s water.

And, personally, I find it repulsive to Theme Park farms for the elite.


Having been born here, at SB Cottage Hosp, as was my father and his father, I think something I can safely assert about California is that civility is dead.