Architect’s Delight on Four Oceanfront Acres Wants $39 Million

And the new listings keep coming. The noteworthy ones from the past seven days….

Four oceanfront acres in Hope Ranch—with stairs down to the sand—would be special even if the lot was vacant. Finished just last year, 4145 Creciente Drive ($39 million) qualifies for a new-build bump and is big enough to classify as a small resort: 11,574 square feet, seven bedrooms, swimming pool, tennis court, a large gym, playground, in-ground trampoline…. The architecture, however, is less obviously appealing. The exterior could pass for a ski lodge in the off season, and the interior has pinched angles out of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, not to mention some wacky details (e.g., the glass bar, the netted balcony). 4305 Marina Drive, with similar pros and cons, went for $25 million.


At the end of private Oak Creek Canyon Road, high above Montecito, 1395 Oak Creek Canyon Road ($21.5 million) looks like many trips to Europe were made to research architecture and interiors. The craftsmanship is palpable, and the views are so impressive that even a minimalist might be won over. The feeling that you’re in Tuscany, however, might be affected by the large house being built on one side (with another to follow) and a water tank getting converted to residential on the other.


Last November, in a transaction that has not shown up in county records, someone bought 691 Picacho Lane for $15.5 million—and then changed his/her mind, because the estate formerly known as Gloria is back on the market for $16.75 million. It’s a fixer with tremendous potential, and the real draw is five acres on Picacho, arguably Montecito’s most prestigious street.


On nine acres off Toro Canyon, the 7,855-square-foot 3025 Vista Linda Lane ($8.495 million) is the kind of thing that used to take a year to sell. It went pending in days.


The 1948 three-bedroom (plus guest cottage) at 445 Pimiento Lane ($5.3 million) has location on its side—not only is it .84 acre on a sweet street walking distance to Montecito’s Upper Village, it backs up against Casa del Herrero, a quiet neighbor if ever there was one. The floors are hit-or-miss. (If I seem fixated on floors, it’s because they’re among the hardest things about a house to change.)


1749 Glen Oaks Drive ($4.65 million) really wants updating, and the four bedrooms come with only two full (and two half) baths. Also a concern: the three vacant lots next door.


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 4640 Via Bendita ($2.787 million): 2.5 acres in Hope Ranch with approved plans for a contemporary-ish compound (rendered above).
••• 748 Mission Canyon Road ($2.329 million): 1949 Craftsman ripe for a redo.
••• 1790 Las Canoas Road ($2.495 million): 1970 house with some appealing moments.
••• 567 Litchfield Lane ($2.995 million): Mesa teardown in a sweet knoll-top location.
••• 110 Coronada Circle ($2.079 million): Needs work; no views.
••• 2862 Exeter Place ($1.25 million): 1949 cutie in Mission Canyon (below).


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Penelope Bianchi

I’m so happy to discover this delightful website!! I roared laughing at your description of the Nesbitt house!! Spot on!!
Telling everyone I know about you!! How has it taken me so long to find you? I’ll blame COVID!!

Thank you!!

Erik Torkells

Thank you for the compliment and even more for recommending the site to folks. It helps a lot.