Another Leaking Oil Well on Summerland Beach Is Getting Capped

••• Montecito Mercantile is exactly the kind of store—full of pretty, gifty things—that the Montecito Country Mart needed.

••• The Wallflowers play the Lobero on September 8.

••• 851 Buena Vista Drive got a $5.05 million price cut, bringing it a hair closer to reality at $29.95 million. The seller paid $13.25 million in December.

••• Good news from the Summerland Citizens Association:

The California State Lands Commission and its consultant, InterAct, will re-abandon (permanently seal) a leaking well known as Olsson 805 that is located on the west end of Summerland Beach. Re-abandonment activities are an essential part of the Commission’s efforts to permanently stop the hydrocarbon source from leaking into surrounding waters and onto the beach. The legacy wells date back to the largely unregulated development of the Summerland Oil Field in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Heavy equipment will be used during low tide periods to complete the work, including: 1) excavating to expose the well; 2) driving pipe pile over the well into an impermeable cap rock to encapsulate the old well; 3) filling the annular space between the pipe pile and the well with cement, which will act as a primary barrier to the migration of hydrocarbons, and 4) welding a steel plate on top of the pipe pile, which acts as a secondary barrier to hydrocarbon migration. Spill response equipment and trained personnel will be staged in the Lookout Park parking lot during the activity as a precautionary measure. Well re-abandonment work is scheduled to begin on July 21 and conclude by July 25. Work on the beach will be conducted during low tide cycles (peaking at around 4:30 a.m.) each day.

••• The Seaside Makers shop in Paseo Nuevo (State Street between De La Guerra and Ortega) is now open. Its Funk Zone building, next to Mony’s, was bought by Hummingbird SB LLC for $4.25 million.

••• Congratulations to Marilyn Stienecker for correctly identifying last week’s Where in Santa Barbara…? My plan is to run those posts every Saturday, if you’d like first crack.


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