An Axe-Throwing Club Is Opening on State Street

••• State Street Axe Club is opening at 427 State Street (Haley/Gutierrez). It’s presumably for axe throwing. Thanks to P. for the tip and the photo.

••• Flume plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on September 1. I had never heard of him, and this description doesn’t help much: “For the past decade, Flume has been dominating the music world with his hypnotic and abstract compositions that awaken the senses. Born as Harley Edward Streten, the Australian producer has a fresh approach when it comes to building out an immersive soundscape that revolves around the pursuit of creative freedom. Stemming from a desire to do the opposite of what is typically optimized for the algorithm, Flume’s technique involves weaving layers that are bound with introspection and intrigue. As someone who doesn’t actively seek the spotlight for himself, he always makes his collaborators shine.”

••• May 25 at the Granada: “The ‘One and Only’ John Cleese as he takes a silly look at the world we live in and shares hilarious moments from his life. It’s a Silly Show and it’ll have you laughing all night long.” Why is “one and only” in quotation marks? Is there actually more than one John Cleese?

••• I got some clarity about Pacaso’s guest policy. Here are the relevant parts from the owner agreement:

You may permit another person to occupy the Pacaso Home in your absence. You may invite others to share occupancy of the Pacaso Home during your Stay, provided that the maximum allowable occupancy limit for the Pacaso Home is not exceeded. […] It is your responsibility to ensure that your Sponsored Guests follow all Pacaso Home Policies and comply with the Pacaso Home Documents. You will be subject to sanctions if your Sponsored Guests do not follow the Pacaso Home Policies.

You may permit persons under 21 years of age to occupy the Pacaso Home only if they are accompanied by you or, if unaccompanied by you, by a parent or other adult over the age of 21.

••• Andy asked if I knew who bought the Quality Inn at De La Vina and State. The paper trail looks an awful lot like the buyer was Timberlane Partners, which also owns the Palihouse Santa Barbara (but the company didn’t respond to a request for confirmation). I think it’s safe to say the property will be getting a redo.

••• After I posted about Just B’s new dance classes, a reader pointed out that dancers will also want to know about Santa Barbara Ecstatic Dance Co-op‘s weekly dances. The next one is at East Beach on May 1. Here’s a video to give you a sense of what to expect.

••• This weekend (April 29 to May 1), the Out of the Box Theatre Company is putting on a production of Tick, Tick… Boom!

••• Spotted by Geneva Ives at Santa Ynez Feed & Milling Co….


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I never would have guessed I could have my very own Zebra for $500. So many questions… obviously one person’s already interested.


At this price you can only get 1/6 of a golden retriever, which makes a terrible pet.


Thanks for finding out the hotel situation Erik! Can’t wait to see what they do with it.