A Way to Keep Houseguests Out of Your House

••• After a thorough and attractive renovation by House of Honey, the 1965 house at 1338 School House Road has hit the rental market, and the photos are worth checking out. The property is available from January through April for $33,500 $35,000 a month, a remarkable price for a house with no view, no pool, no guest house, and new landscaping, but hey, these are crazy times.

••• “My clients had a great idea,” emailed agent DeAnn Rochelle. “They are offering their gorgeous Mercedes Sprinter van with Airstream conversion (makes into a king-size bed, kitchen and even a toilet and shower) all you need for extra space for a coupe, built in covid separation for Thanksgiving. They will deliver the van from Goleta to Carp for 2 night minimum (no driving privileges offered just use of the van at one location). It’s less than a hotel and it’s parked at your home.” There’s no mention of the rate.

••• From the Montecito Association:

We were notified that the California Transportation Commission declined to fund our segment of the 101 widening project. […] It could be that SB County has been a little too successful procuring SB1 funds in the past, and the CTC decided to spread funds to other communities. It could have been that our construction wasn’t to start until 2023, which is when the funding period was ending. The CTC might have wanted to fund more shovel-ready projects. We’ll wait to hear more details on this.

At the Santa Barbara Coalition of Area Governments meeting this morning, SBCAG staff said they will proceed with design and apply again next year, as SB1 funds are a stream, not a pond. They feel construction could still start in 2023, even with not getting funded this year.

••• Press release from the city:

On October 20, 2020, City Council adopted grading regulations that are focused on improving the accuracy of land grading operations in hillside neighborhoods. The new regulations were inspired by several hillside neighborhoods that expressed concern with recent grading projects. These new Self-Certification regulations apply only to parcels in a Hillside Design District.

The new regulations require that a Self-Certification of Grading form be completed by the owner and delivered to Building & Safety prior to conducting grading activities of greater than 40 cubic yards and less than 50 cubic yards during any 5 year period.

The City will keep a record of this form (currently free of charge) and will also validate the grading for at least 20% of the sites that file these forms each year. There are penalties for non-compliance. So, if you are an owner of property in a hillside design district, please be aware of this prior to performing any grading of your land. These new regulations go into effect 11/20/2020.

In other words, you have an 80 percent chance of getting away with it.

••• Worth remembering that MarBorg Industries lets you toss extra garbage for two weeks after Christmas.


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Ron Brand

Hi Erik
Hope you guys are both well-
Before passing judgement on the price of my rental (which is actually $35k) please feel free to take a look at it first then perhaps you’ll see the price is justified.

Erik Torkells

I’m sorry if that stung (and thanks for the correction). My point was less to drag your listing than to note how dramatically the rental market has changed in a year.