A Visit to the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary

••• Whenever someone from out of town visits, I try to find something that’s new for us, too. This past weekend, that meant taking my husband’s aunt to the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary at the McLeod Parrot Menagerie shop in Summerland. Admission is $10, with only eight people are allowed a time. We thoroughly enjoyed it: hearing the birds say hello and other phrases—and even better, laugh in a way that sounds just like a human—was a treat. Not sure I understand why that skeleton is lurking in the grotto, though. P.S. The rose garden at the Mission was also a hit; the flowers are popping right now.

••• The Covet shop is now open at the Montecito Country Mart: “A reflection of local founder Kate McMahon’s personal style and aesthetic, Covet is inspired by the unique beauty of Santa Barbara. A collection of modern classics that are essential for a foundational and timeless wardrobe, Covet’s designs are both earthy and refined, feminine and boyish, familiar yet unexpected. They speak to a lifestyle that is relaxed and easygoing but put together. Each of Covet’s pieces are made with love and attention from all natural fabrics ethically in L.A. The sweaters are hand knit by skilled knitters in Santa Barbara and Bolivia.”

••• I wasn’t kidding when I said that I liked that Lord Huron song. I bought tickets for the band’s Santa Barbara Bowl show—it’ll be my first time at the venue—but I was dismayed to find that the ticketing platform insists you download its app. (This next part will make me sound extremely crotchety.) I don’t want more apps, and I really don’t want one I’m only going to use once. So I braved the dreaded Zendesk chat function and told the rep I don’t have a smartphone. She insisted that there was no other option for ticket delivery, and when I pushed back, she hung up on me. A second rep said all I have to do is have the credit card I used for the purchase scanned at the door. I’m telling you all of this in the hope that someone else out there will have already gone the scanning route so I have some assurance I’ll actually get in.

••• Speaking of the Santa Barbara Bowl, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco will perform there on August 28.

••• A reminder from MarBorg that oleander and eucalyptus can’t be tossed in with your green waste.

••• What it looks like when a bear comes to your front door.


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