A Snazzy New Building Downtown

••• How about that distinctive new building at 335 E. Gutierrez Street (Laguna)? The architect is Pete Ehlen; city filings call it a warehouse and say it’s owned by the Ashcroft Family Trust, and that’s all I know.

••• Tickets are now on sale for the American Institute of Architects Santa Barbara’s 12th-annual ArchitecTours event on October 2: “This year’s [virtual] tour will celebrate ‘Design Excellence’ and will highlight projects that demonstrate green building, small efficient spaces, are built in harmony with nature, demonstrate live/work spaces that meet the needs of a 21st century workforce, spearhead solutions and meet the call for climate challenges, demonstrate equitable housing solutions, and show other exceptional and informative work. Participants on the tour will learn about the team, trades, processes, materials, and elements that were needed to complete the finished buildings.”

••• Cool show on August 21 (6-10 p.m.) at the Community Arts Workshop: “Head First,” a collection of 72 of D.J. Javier‘s hand-painted “body-surfing devices”—i.e., cafeteria trays. There’ll also be “a pop-up by Canto, tacos by Seoul on Sixth, and the homie Deeeeeeeeeeeezy will be spinning strictly bangers all night. 10% of artwork proceeds will be donated to The Sea League.”

••• Did anyone else think it was inappropriate for a city council candidate to have a stall at the Saturday farmer’s market? Can you imagine if everyone running for office was there?

••• On the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting of the Historic Landmarks Commission: “Proposal to close off the existing Lot 3 pedestrian paseo [at 9 W. Figueroa] by installing decorative walls with operable gates at the north and south points of entry. The existing columns within the current paseo are proposed to be removed. An above ground transformer was recently installed by Southern California Edison (SCE) as part of the Downtown Reliability Project and the project includes the review of the screening for the transformer. The project will address ongoing safety, security, and nuisance issues in the paseo that continue to disrupt adjacent businesses.” Below: how it looks now and renderings of what’s proposed.

••• Downtown Santa Barbara reports that 805 University has opened at 920 State Street (Carrillo/Canon Perdido), “offering vintage sports apparel, streetwear, headwear and accessories. They also buy and trade!” Photo by Biel.


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I think it is fine that electeds have booths in local events/farmers market. I think more of them should be available to meet with the public instead of only having fundraising events for those with deep pockets. Jack O’Connell used to set up a little folding table on the corner of State Street and Carrillo and talk with anyone who came up to ask questions or just wanted to talk.


Would Farmer’s Market welcome a MAGA booth? Let the street corners be a perfect spot for politicians, leave my market out of it.


Nice Egyptian Revival energy on the Gutierrez building. A pleasant example of adding some variation to the architecture in town without sacrificing timelessness and good looks.