A Possible New Social Club for Adults and Kids

••• Instagram served me an ad for something called Bungalow805, “a private social club for adults & kids. […] A place for your kids to create, play & interact… and a convenient, beautiful space that the adults desperately need.” The idea, from a Santa Barbara mom/executive named Erin, is that there would be a 5,000-square-foot space for families during the day and adult-only at night. These slides give a sense of the amenities; if you think you might be interested, I encourage you to take the survey by clicking the above link. The project is still in the planning phase.

••• The Montecito Club is apparently trying to address some of the construction it did without appropriate approvals. From the October 18 agenda of the city’s Architectural Board of Review: “This is a revised project description. Proposal for improvements to the Montecito Club property, including alterations to the as-built sports court located at the event lawn. Alterations include relocating the batting cage between the golf cart building and tennis courts, relocating the pickle ball courts to the tennis courts, and removal of the as-built volleyball court. The previously proposed basketball court, children’s sliding hill, and dry stacked boulder retaining walls will be retained. Project includes a new practice putting green, and associated landscaping, directional signage, benches and hardscape.”

••• Artist Michael Long is seeking submissions for a November art exhibit at the Community Arts Workshop. Here’s the info.

••• The rehabilitation of the stairs at Thousand Steps Beach has been making its way through the bureaucracy. It’s back in front of the Historic Landmarks Commission this Wednesday, October 13, and the agenda describes it in more detail than I believe we’ve seen before. I underlined the most interesting part:

The project includes the demolition and reconstruction of the lowest 24 steps, installation of 10 additional concrete steps extending approximately 14 feet seaward with decorative columns and a new landing apron, installation of new stainless steel handrails from the street level to the beach, construction of a new concrete guard rail at the mid-level landing, installation of a drain to capture and redirect groundwater, re-pouring of the concrete at the mid-level landing, and repair of minor surface cracks where needed. Other improvements include new trash and recycle receptacles, and new bicycle racks at the street level.

••• Now at Thomas Reynolds Gallery: Urban Landscapes by Mark Matsuno. Below: “Higher Ground.”

••• The $79,000-a-month rental at 999 La Paz Road caught my eye, because I didn’t realize there was a house up above the Westmont campus. Anyway, the property looks nice. Mind the turtle, though.


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