A Place in the Country Fit for Peter Pan

Zillow and Realtor.com say that 2377 Refugio Road, midway between Santa Ynez and the Pacific, is 10.39 acres, while the county tax assessor has it at a hair under 65 acres. But the agent says the property is actually 106 acres (“it’s two separate parcels [the owner] acquired at the same time”), as indicated in the listing, so we’re going with that.


Bedrooms: Six.
Bathrooms: Six.
Size/Acreage: Unknown / 106 acres.
Price: $13.9 million.
Last sold: In January 2000 for $1.25 million.
Listing agent:
 Billy Rose of The Agency.


The listing also says there are six bedrooms: three in the “century-old remodeled and expanded 3-bedroom stone house,” and two in a “staff house has a living room and kitchen.” I’m not sure where the sixth is, unless two yurts count as one bedroom. There’s no indication of the square footage of said house, and only a handful of interior photos.

This is something you don’t see very often in high-end listings: people!

There’s a fun new dinner-party game called Feast or Famine—half the guests get nothing.

The property has at least two appealing seating areas outside; the pool cabana can seat 20.

And here are the yurts I mentioned before. “Each [can] accommodate a family of five or a pack of teenagers.” I’m trying to imagine which scenario is less pleasant.

What the listing pushes hardest is the active lifestyle: “Two large barns; one for ranch vehicles and equipment; the other for ATVs, go karts, dirt bikes and trucks. Endless hiking, ATV and horseback trails; open fields for skeet shooting or frisbee. A magical orchard provides a bounty of fruit and herbs.” The word magical must refer to the real live garden gnome.

And if the drive from L.A. starts to get to you, you can always “land your helicopter right on the property.” (Although the county isn’t such a fan of that these days….) All in all, it might just be the perfect place to wait out the pandemic.

Contact Billy Rose of The Agency for a showing. Be sure to tell him Siteline sent you.