A New Jewelry Boutique on State Street

••• La Kaiser jewelry shop has opened at the corner of State and Figueroa.

••• Womenswear boutique Rêver Atelier moved to 801 State Street (at De La Guerra).

••• Bull Durham is one of my very favorite movies—it’s perfect, and I don’t even like baseball—so I was delighted to learn that (a) writer/director Ron Shelton has a new book, The Church of Baseball, about the making of it; (b) he’ll be doing a Q&A and signing at Chaucer’s on Thursday at 6 p.m.; and (c) he and architect Jeff Shelton are brothers. UPDATE: I loved the book! Finished it in two days.

••• More on the Rad Power Bikes showroom coming to Santa Barbara: it’s 5,400 square feet in the Funk Zone, which is probably enough to determine the location but I’ve run out of interest.

••• Artist D.J. Javier has released a limited-edition book, Head First. It’s “a collection of hand painted body surfing devices”—i.e., plastic trays nicked from restaurants.

••• Chic Santa Ynez boutique Santa Ynez General has a pop-up going on in Kismet‘s space across from the Montecito Village Grocery.

••• The 32-acre oceanfront property at 5295 Shoreline Drive (west of More Mesa) got a $4.5 million price cut, bringing it to $10 million.

••• Thanks to K. for sending over this photo, which should offer a bit of comfort to parents who wish their kids attended Montecito Union School.


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la Kaiser might take a little time and wash the front walkway to their store. It is absolutely FILTHY.
Not a good way to start off a business when they don’t take the time to make sure things are clean.


I don’t disagree with you, Jillian, but that would be a super hard spot to keep clean. I’m guessing that everyone who’s going to the coffee shop (is it still there?) and CVS (if it’s still there? Lol) cut that corner. And then there are the unhoused who may or may not (are they still there?) seek shelter there at night.


It has been filthy for a long, long time. Lots of people cut the corner, there are people sleeping there at night….but it wouldn’t be this filthy if they had bothered to clean it awhile ago.


Is the Wolf Camera sign from the 80’s still on the awning? Totally disgusting corner. Who even goes there but squatters and homeless.