A New App for Exploring the Channel Islands

••• From the Channel Islands National Park: “Channel Islands National Park has developed a new digital app to enhance the visitor experience in the park that can also be used to take a virtual visit. […] Features in the app include exploring the islands through stories, sites, self-guided tours, and interactive maps, or finding favorite places, trails, and topics of interest. Visitors can use the app to create a collage of the images from your visit or to track a calendar of current conditions, events, or ranger programs. The app is fully accessible with audio description and alternative text for images.” (Pictured above: Santa Cruz Island.) In other island news, “visitors to Santa Rosa Island will discover a new coastal trail on the marine terrace that boasts stunning views of Carrington and Skunk Points, Water Canyon Beach, and the Torrey pine forest. This short route from the pier to the campground provides a welcome glimpse of the magnificent marine and terrestrial resources visitors will encounter during their stay.”

••• On the agenda for the today’s meeting of the city’s Planning Commission: The demolition of the little house at 102 Santa Rosa Lane (and Shoreline Drive) and the construction of a new, larger house.

••• Lotusland did a good deed: “In the midst of a global pandemic, many healthcare workers struggle to find space for their own wellbeing. Yesterday, Lotusland offered them a free visit to our sweet oasis. Fifty-four people attended including paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers, and intensive care workers. We met a nurse practitioner for Santa Barbara Street Medicine, and a nurse clearing his mind just two days before a big exam! Thank you to our local healthcare heroes, and to those who donated to this event.”

••• Catherine Gee is making $20 silk masks that could serve as evening wear, and 10% of profits are donated to the Santa Barbara Food Bank. Photo courtesy The Mill.

••• Speaking of masks, when I was at Occhiali coming to terms with the fact that I need progressive lenses, they told me that they’ll soon be carrying a new defogging spray that you spray on your glasses in the morning and it really alleviates the glasses/mask problem.

••• Porta potty? What porta potty?