A Move to Expand Use of Earl Warren Showgrounds

••• Change appears to be coming to Earl Warren Showgrounds: “The state agency […] has revised its mission statement, a move that opens the door to youth sports organizations holding events at the showgrounds. […] Among the organizations that have been in preliminary talks to hold regular activities at the showgrounds are Friday Night Lights youth football team, soccer, lacrosse, and pickleball.” —Noozhawk

••• “Santa Barbara County has added 19 new sites totaling 2,151 new units to its Housing Element. Among the new locations on the table for possible housing include the downtown Santa Barbara County Probation Office at 117 E. Carrillo St., the parking lot next to Friendship Manor at 6647 El Colegio Road in Isla Vista, three UCSB faculty housing site proposals, and two sites in Montecito, including the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore parking lot and tennis area.” —Noozhawk

••• The Independent has an interesting recap of the fight over the county’s “contract to provide ambulance and EMT services, said to be worth $1.4 billion over 10 years.” This, in particular, sticks out: “Some [county supervisors] have expressed concern that two of county administrators most immediately charged with overseeing the bidding process had previously worked for AMR. One subsequently took another job with AMR after the bid process had been agreed upon.”

••• “Gibraltar Road, East Camino Cielo and other local mountain roads remain closed due to extensive damage from the storms that have walloped Santa Barbara County over the last few months. […] Gibraltar Road could be closed for more than a year because of the damage.” —Noozhawk

••• “One805, a local non-profit, announced Wednesday that Maroon 5 will headline the September fundraiser event One805Live! […] on Sept. 22 at Kevin and Christine Costner’s oceanside estate in Summerland.” —KEYT

••• Two Coast Village Road updates in the Montecito Journal: La Arcada Plaza’s Waterhouse Gallery opened an outpost in the former Here’s the Scoop storefront—I guess the plan for an old-fashioned soda fountain fell through—and Montecito Collective has a new shop next to the Warner Group’s office.

••• Actor Timothy Bottoms wrote a novel, The Pier, set on Stearns Wharf. —Independent


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That’s a bit bizarre that Timothy Bottoms would title his novel “The Pier” when it is, in fact, not a pier, but a wharf. SMH


You may be surprised to learn that the words wharf, pier, dock, quay, etc. are often used interchangeably depending on where one resides in the world, but “a wharf is typically built ‘parallel’ and adjacent to a shoreline…” whereas “a pier is a projection out to deeper water, typically ‘perpendicular’ to a shore…” Both are built to allow vessels sufficient draft to dock. The histories of Stearns Wharf, SB harbor and the breakwater are awash with details.