A Big Win for Ellen and Portia

••• Three recent sales of note…. 1) You can add one to the win column for Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi: Their quick flip of 210 Miramar Avenue, which they put on the market for $6.9 million just four months after buying the property for $3.6 million, went for $6.75 million. Unless they stuck a bunch of gold bars under the floorboards, they made a pretty penny.

2) Someone got a deal, as long as there isn’t a fire anytime soon: 796 Park Lane West, a freshly renovated ranch house that came on the market in August at $5.75 million, sold for $4.217 million.

3) The wonderful 1915 house at 1746 Prospect Avenue went for $1.73 million; it was most recently at $1.799 million.

••• Am I the only one who misses Bob Hazard’s articles for the Montecito Journal? (Even if I didn’t always agree with him or his journalistic ethics.) I don’t believe one has run in a long time, but it’s hard to tell since the paper’s website has no search function.

••• Speaking of prominent folks going MIA: there’s been no word from the Montecito Association’s Sharon Byrne, who was firing off pandemic updates daily, for at least a week.

••• Have you walked down State Street now that it has been closed to cars? (It’s only for Memorial Day weekend, alas.) I thought it felt good, like the city had a real center, but if this ends up being permanent we’re going to have to divide it better for bicyclists and pedestrians. Also, the crossings are still a little sketchy—a lot of cars were extra tentative,  like they didn’t know what they were supposed to do. Why not leave the stoplights on at all the crossings, not just Carrillo?

••• An intriguing rental at 231 W. Mountain Drive: It’s a new-build three-bedroom deigned by Jeff Shelton, but without the architect’s signature exuberance (or much in the way of landscaping). The asking rent is $17,500 per month.


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