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From Hope Ranch to Rincon Point, greater Santa Barbara has some of the most sensational high-end real estate in world. Siteline covers it editorially, with the journalistic ethics that you would expect from traditional news outlets. I’m not a real-estate broker, and I’m not trying to sell anything other than advertising—and editorial and advertising will always be entirely separate.

Having grown up in Orange County and moved to New York City after college, I never thought I’d return to California. But when my husband, Adam, and I visited Santa Barbara a few years ago, I realized that the area is everything I love about the state, without all the stuff I don’t. At the start of 2019, I sold my hyperlocal website, Tribeca Citizen, and we moved here. (Before Tribeca Citizen, I was a magazine editor: Budget Travel, Fortune, Travel + Leisure, Town & Country.) There’s no zealot like the recently converted, as the saying goes, so don’t be surprised when Siteline ventures beyond real estate to tangentially related Santa Barbara subjects such as restaurants, shops, and so on.

I come at the topic of real estate, and the area in general, from a place of enthusiasm rather than expertise. As a result, you can expect me to get excited about things that you’ve known about for years, and I will make mistakes. By all means, feel free to correct or contradict me; we know more collectively than any of us can on our own. But when you criticize, be constructive. If not, I’ll probably delete your comment. Life is simply too short. And if you have a vested interest in whatever you’re commenting about, I insist that you make the connection public.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, tips, or even compliments. (If you’re a broker with a property you think I should see in person, let me know. Previews are especially welcome.) The best way to follow Siteline is by subscribing to the email newsletter. And If you know someone who might be interested in this site, please pass it along.

Erik Torkells
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