Vanity, Thy Name Is… (Part 2)

No disrespect to MESADAD or SBHS 88, but the best vanity license plates are the ones that are a little surprising. In alphabetical order….

P.S. I limit these photos to photos I’ve taken, but I made an exception for this one by K., which was too good not to include.


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These are great! I have an ongoing game with my husband and friends called Tesla D****ebags and the rule is the vanity plate has to reference that it is a Tesla, it is electric or that is is eco friendly. We have seen a shocking amount in Santa Barbara alone, over 35 of these plates! Some favorites are: TESLA SB, THX A WAT, EV WHIP, 0 CARBZ, JA VOLT, MUSK and simply, TESLA.

Keep your eye out for them! It’s a fun and dumb scavenger hunt.


This afternoon in front of the Solvang business I work at- white tesla SLVANG EV


My favorite so far in SB has been a black Subaru (I think?): GOTHDAD


Yeah, I saw the OZEMPIC one as well (@ Alta Ortho) and thought that was pretty bold. ????

My girlfriend and I saw TESLA (@ Chuck’s) and were surprised that Elon hadn’t bought all those up in the 50 States! ????

Erik, I wanted to say how much I appreciate and enjoy all of the local news and antidotes you post in your newsletter and website. I hear about things here that I often haven’t seen or heard elsewhere. The rise and fall of local businesses is full of its own delights and disappointments, but it’s always good to know.

I know you’re here to sell real estate, but I appreciate that you’re also doing a public service.

Thank you and keep up the good work! ????????

Erik Torkells

Thank you for the kind words! Just to be clear, however, I don’t sell real estate. I do sell ads, many of which are for real estate.


Real Esate ads…I miss your early days – before real estate ads – when your snark and honestly weren’t G-Rated. Get your license and start drinking your “truth serum” again. I loved your perspective so much. I would’ve used you as an agent. You “see” it all in such a unique and funny way.