The Nook Is Changing Hands—and Eventually Concepts

UPDATE: 3/20: The deal fell through, so it’s business as usual at the Nook.

The Nook, the Funk Zone charmer sharing space with Topa Topa Brewing Company, Lama Dog Tap Room, and Fox Wines, will soon be under new ownership. Here’s the announcement from proprietors Brigitte Guehr and chef Norbert Schulz:

To our beloved Santa Barbara community, it is time that we announce with heavy hearts that our little Nook has sold.

We are heading into our last two weeks of ownership before we transition to the next chapter, as we cannot predict the future, what we do know is that the new owner will be keeping the doors open and running the restaurant as is until transitioning into their own vision.

On that note, we would love to see all of our regulars within the next two weeks, to bid fair well, and recount the treasured memories we’ve made in the last 4.5 years! We also want to thank this amazing community for all of the support we’ve received through natural disasters, and pandemics, without all of you, we wouldn’t be here! So come on down, say hello, say goodbye, cheers a beer, and wish us well into our next endeavor!

Our chef’s daughter will be opening her own business @alessiapatisserie & cafe, and we are so thrilled for her! You may be able to catch chef eating a croissant or poking around in the kitchen at the patisserie!

This is a “we’ll see you later” not a goodbye!

We’ll have to wait to find out who the new owner is and what he/she has planned for the space…. As for Alessia Patisserie & Café, read more about it here.


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Two of my favorite restaurants in town through the ages….
Brigitte’s and Norbert’s!

Robert Wilson

I may have been the 1st Chef to comeout from Norberts originally
in 1980. That next year I started a New Menu, then Restaurant at
a small Wine and Cheese bar. The Wine Cask. I Opened the
Restaurant as its first Chef in 1981. Now a lifetime ago.
I have since cooked around the World for fun and I will always
remember Norbert’s little tricks, like we used 7-Up to poach
the little Baby Carrots in to sweeten them…Who knew?
After 2 years of me making the Wine Cask well known, and
having same basic clientelle as Norbert at 1 point…His customers
kept telling him about me at the Wine Cask as having amazing
food as well…SO, 1 day Brigitta I am sure, dragged him over to
my place for dinner. Grigitta loved it…and as I waited for
Norbert to say something about his meal, expecting some
sharp points of changes he would make in my food? All he
said was, Robert? You gave me a little too much food…I
was happy with that comment!