The New Incarnation of Little Alex’s Opens Today

••• Little Alex’s 2.0 opens today in the Five Points Shopping Center at State Street and S. La Cumbre Road. It will be a similar experience as at the Montecito Country Mart—counter service, and open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And there will be more outdoor seating. Here’s the menu.

••• In other Mexican restaurant news, the Chris Chiarappa establishment coming to Turnpike Center will be called La Cantina. Thanks to H. for the photo.

••• And still more Mexican restaurant news: “Good Mexican is not something we have right here so I am very excited,” said J. about the new Highway Tacos off of Route 246 in Santa Ynez. It appears to be owned and operated by Cesar Miranda of Cesar’s Auto Detailing next door. I hope to get there soon, but in the meantime, I suggested my friend R. go check it out: “Cool little spot and vibe,” he said, adding that “the chicken taco was very good.” The hours seem to be in flux.

••• Camarillo’s Cagami Ramen confirmed that it’s opening an outpost in Goleta, and it started an Instagram account for the location. I asked where the restaurant will be, and the answer was September. UPDATE 5/5: Laura spotted an Instagram comment by Cagami saying it’ll be in Hollister Village Plaza (the one with Smart & Final and PetSmart).

••• A profile of Kin Bakeshop. —Noozhawk

••• A profile of Clevr Blends, maker of powdered beverages. —Independent

••• Revolver dropped some new merch: T-shirts with its salad dressing labels (designed by Tosh Clements). The ranch one really couldn’t be better.


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Holy Guacamole
I disagree with “we don’t have good mexican here right now” in the SYV, as ridiculous- but to each their own. You aren’t saying that this is now the plate/paper lined cardboard basket which we will judge all future “mexican” fare?
It’s called Highway Tacos – explain the “mexican” part? Ole! Viva!
Now- as a taco producing & eating machine, I bet Cesar is serving delicious fare – I wish him and his business well. But a plate of tacos at Hitching Post is muy delicioso, and have you not been to California Tacos in both Solvang or Buellton? The Alisal River Grill Tortilla Soup + daily specials of lovely well prepared mexican fare? The little market tucked behind Ace Hardware in Solvang has a delicious selection of tacos and tortas daily! Don Nachos in Solvang- read the YELP love! We had 3 great plates of delicious food + a pitcher of Modelo for under $60! I’m not a fan of the food at Carlitos- but I force myself so I can enjoy their amazing cocktails! I have only scratched the surface- if you need the address of the ranch in Buellton where they line up for Sunday menudo, hit my dms!


Full fledged gringo here who has visited all of the above spots and while I do enjoy the tortilla soup at River Grill and Don Nachos when looking for fast, casual comfort food, it’s still fair to say that there is no genuinely great Mexican food in the valley. From our lack of options, maybe they just seem more appealing than they actually are. Haven’t tried Highway yet but hoping it is a new gem because everyone always needs a good new taco spot!


I have always said- you could take me to Paris and I would be the one to find a hidden taco truck….there is nothing better than a plate full of tacos! For some crazy north county views and great taco reporting in the county+north county try following my pal Stephen at @eatdrink101 or, he’ll keep you up to date on all things taco and restaurant related including lots of rumors and the homeless camps around SLO!


I live in Solvang and California Tacos is VILE. I have given them many many chances and always bad. Same can be said about Taco Roco and Tequila. Rudy’s is okay. Dos Carlitos is WAY overpriced, especially for the ambiance. I 100% agree with the statement that there isn’t good Mexican food here.


Had a reunion in Oct in Buellton. Rudy’s catered a taco dinner … Delicious… many compliments from family.
Burrito Lalo catered a posole & albondiga soup for breakfast … fantastic! Again, many compliments. There are good places in the valley.


Are you serious?? We have very good Mexican food here in Santa Barbara. You must be from Buellton!



I’m so excited about Little Alex’s rebirth. I used to eat lunch at their Montecito location often. Can’t wait to grab a bite at Five Points!

Tammy Hughes

Thank Goodness for the much awaited return of Little Alex’s! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Revolver must be some of the most expensive pizza in the US.

A margherita is $25, which is $6 more than Bettina.


I’m happy to pay for quality but what I can’t understand is how people can even eat it. It’s so salty it literally makes people ill. I love salt. I liberally salt my food. I’ve been known to drink dumpling dipping sauce like a shot. I think fish sauce is liquid gold. But Revolver is so sodium-loaded I cannot even get through one piece. It’s in everything, even the dough. I thought it might be a one-off but after trying it maybe 3-4 times in the last few years I gave up. We recently had dinner with friends and the topic came up and they mentioned the exact same thing completely unprompted by us. I really don’t get it. I don’t like to disparage a local business but the food is literally inedible. It’s a shame because everything else about it is delicious and their caesar is killer. It boggles the mind how they have so many positive reviews. I thought I liked salt more than the average person but apparently I was wrong.


Cagami Ramen responded to a comment on their Instagram saying they’ll be in the Hollister Center! ????????????????????


I’ve heard La cantina is opening next month! From Dave’s dogs himself