The Interminable Renovation of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art

••• “A 132-room hotel is proposed on Calle Real in Goleta at the site of the former Santa Barbara Motorsports and the Good Earth Restaurant. The project received mostly positive reviews this week from the Goleta Design Review Board.” Rendering above courtesy Cearnal Collective, the architect firm handling the design. (I guess those are jacaranda trees?) —Noozhawk

••• “An unnamed investor ‘with ties to the Santa Barbara area’ [bought] the Old Firehouse building, 1486 East Valley Road, in Montecito.” Union Bank has nine years left on its lease. —Noozhawk

••• An update from the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department about “multiple projects to improve flood control in Montecito. The projects include improving three debris basins, facilitating debris control net installation, and building a new debris basin near Randall Road.” —Noozhawk

••• “Tiny libraries inside art sculptures on State Street in Santa Barbara have just gone up and already they have small crowds peering in to each one.” —KEYT

••• An update on the renovations of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art: “The project calls for six phases, and so far, phases one and two are in progress and expected to be finished by August 2020, according to Larry Feinberg, the museum’s director. The overall completion date is still to be determined.” —Noozhawk

••• Heal the Ocean says its new Styrofoam recycling program, in association with MarBorg Industries, is going well. “MarBorg is experimenting with “baling” the Styrofoam, for shipping to a ‘Densifier’ process in Ontario—in which Styrofoam is basically melted into molds that are reusable as picture frames, molding, as well as new packing materials that are necessary for fragile shipments such as glass, ceramic materials (sinks, bathtubs), and electronic equipment such as computers and television screens. The goal is to demonstrate a need for the Densifier equipment in Santa Barbara so that it doesn’t have to be hauled to Ontario.” —Edhat