Secret Bao Aims to Soft-Open This Week

••• Starting next Monday, Bettina is bringing back table service (in the courtyard for the time being, of course). Reservations are available now.

••• Secret Bao aims to soft-open this week in the former Cafe Ana space, with an official debut to follow soon after, although exactly when (and the hours) remain to be determined. If you want to be one of the very first to visit, follow the restaurant on Instagram—and bear in mind that “soft open” means you should bring some patience.

••• The Bagel Boiz have a created new flavor: the Sweet Heat. “In Montreal, they boil their bagels in honey sweetened water and then bake them off in a wood fired oven. Taking inspiration from our neighbors to the North, we’ve replaced the malt syrup in this bagel with local honey and coated them in Montreal Steak Seasoning. The seasoning has paprika, smoked sea salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, brown sugar, garlic, onion, oregano, coriander, dill seed and lime zest. […] Also: maybe don’t rub your eye balls after handling this bagel.” As always, order start at 6 p.m. on Wednesday via Instagram and all the bagels sell out fast.

••• The Bier Garten has opened, and owner Aaron Running, who also owns Copenhagen Sausage Garden in Solvang, told Noozhawk that “there’s kind of a lack of comfort food” in the Funk Zone. Off the top of my head, I can think of Finney’s, the Nook, Shalhoob’s, and Brass Bear, and that’s not even getting into pizza and Mexican food. Anyway, I went for a beer Saturday night and the Bier Garten was a pleasant place to hang out.

••• Lisa McKinnon, a.k.a. @805foodie, reports that what was The Beach in Lompoc is now Eye on I, where chef Heather Hovey’s intriguing menu calls to mind Industrial Eats.


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