Santa Barbara’s New Boutique for Hair Extensions and Bridal Accessories

Whether you have long hair in need of volume, or short to medium hair in need of length, CHEVEUX EXTENSIONS by Mar are here to enhance your wedding day, special occasion, or everyday hairstyle.

We understand the importance of your wedding day hairstyle lasting from the walk down the aisle to your last dance. Our CHEVEUX EXTENSIONS by Mar are color treated and will hold any type of curl, wave or texture throughout your big day.

After styling your own hair, style your CHEVEUX EXTENSIONS by Mar with a curling iron or straightening iron up to 400 degrees. Even if your own hair doesn’t hold a curl, once you pull your hair through the pockets of space in your CHEVEUX EXTENSIONS by Mar and blend, your own curl will be supported and will last throughout your entire celebration.

No need to worry about covering several pieces of hair and clips! Our unique, patented style of extensions are an all-in-one piece. They clip in much like a barrette, using only five clips. Our clips are made of the highest quality material and have what we call “stoppers,” which are a silicone rubber strip across the clip to prevent the piece from slipping.

Easy to use—just part your hair ear-to-ear, clip and snap!


Sponsored by Cheveux Extensions by Mar.